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Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

If I Were Wealthy in Projection


I have to live with myself. They call me autistic, and it is why I act so strange and why I feel like I’m crazy. I did for the longest time. Fought it. It isn’t fun, but one set of questions I have never had… Who am I really? What do I want? How do I feel? These I already know, and always know whether I want to or not. There are friends and my intimate other who know my motives well enough, and I don’t seem so strange to them. Reality is really a very broad thing. I see that people don’t do something until they see what they gain from doing it, so I try to show what life would be like with a more open awareness. I do hope to motivate that openness.

Why am I here? I know. Is it intuitive? Well yes, and logical, and feeling. It is more whole being. I exist differently from most people it seems. For me the root stuff seems very real and the surfaces seem false. People say ‘be realistic‘. Like if I hurt myself I’m supposed to be realistic about that. In my response, realistically I will heal as it is transitory. It doesn’t matter over much, but if you confront me that matters. You will remember it. It is not about believing I’m tough. I don’t believe I am. I relate to pain differently. It is an abstraction like thought is to many people, or feeling to stereotypical males. They see it as less real. For me those are more real. I’m sort of backwards like that or forward thinking, guess it is in how you view it.

I won’t lie. I desire material prosperity in life. The resources to live and do things with, but perhaps I differ in why I desire it. I don’t care for the esteem a wealthy man has, and I don’t care for any arbitrary bench mark. I have desires, visions, goals and would see them done. I would have my hand in them, but this takes resources.

What material prosperity do I want? If I were a wealthy man, there is some research I would fund and perhaps engage in myself. If I were a wealthy man, I would see libraries preserved and developed, not neglected and shuffled off. I would see certain educational standards changed, and many institutions broadened more than this BS lip service to change they do now.

The work would be corrupted? In being corrupted, it would still be there. The ruins of a civilization are still the memory of the civilization, and once born it can then later be reborn. What books would be there? More BS? All books; BS, truth. In lies truth, and in truth lies. When something is a bald-faced lie it can often reveal a truth much more effectively. This is in part why I disagree with much Hindu and Buddhist doctrine. Maya isn’t to be avoided. It’s to be seen clearly.

When something is in the media it is masking a deeper truth. So even media coverage is bringing a truthful message if not literal. However it is only to the discerning eye, and no one can give you a discerning eye. You have to gain that awareness yourself. You can be helped, but still you have to be the one who sees. To get a little corny, you can’t be told what the matrix is, you have to be shown.

Maybe we should open up our filters more. What do you folks think?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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