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The source, the one life is no one being. It isn’t the property of some cranky old man off in space.

You Have No Reason? in Projection


Your actions are based on your thoughts and feelings. I always thought it was strange to say, “You have no reason …” It is a very strange statement. You may have no reason from their point of view, but you don’t live from their point of view. Your reasons are your own, and you live and think and act from inside you.

The action, then the thought about the action, or vice versa? The thought about the action usually comes first. Though not well considered and subconsciously processed. Example. You pick up a spoon. You determined to pick up the spoon first. You needed a thought to motivate that, but then after, you rationalize why you picked it up.

A meteor hits you. You didn’t hit yourself with the meteor, so you didn’t have a pre-thought about it? Often you did, and here is where it gets hinky. What you sense is what you expect to sense. You have a whole domain of pre-thought. In another case, another person may have already been looking at the sky watching the shower. Noticing the show was a bit too intense and thus decided to maybe go somewhere else. Their pre-thought is different. Someone who engages life in a different way perceptually. So it motivated other action and hence another result, all based on pre-thought. You sense what it occurs to you to observe. What if no one sees it? If no one sees it the event can still happen. Maybe wipe out a whole town.

People tell me my classes require thought and concentration. My ideas aren’t “my ideas”. For me, mind is my world. I’m just showing people how to build. That material is all there.

I can do the pop psychology if you really want. “I’m ok and you’re ok.” “Believe in yourself and you can do anything.” Feel better? Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. I prefer the Platonic/Gnostic method. The things I teach are there. I just help people find them. There is a reality there, and if you don’t think or attend to anything, you will not learn it. Scientifically proven fact.

Like sleeping on a book to learn material for a test, that won’t work. But know what does work? Your instincts are the first projection and those you didn’t choose, and therefore are the least distorted. Like desire for sex. Build your thinking projections on instincts, and their power builds rather than work at cross purposes and thus short circuiting. We have none of the fears we have instinctually. Fears are not filters, they are blinds. Our filters come from experience. They are projections based on our consideration of our own experience, and if anytime those get in our way, there is a reason and they can be reconsidered. You aren’t infallible, and your filters aid you as much as they are true.

Define filter and blind? You can gauge the destructiveness of anything by the degree to which it limits you. The filter enables choice and lets you focus. The blind blocks you from a realm of experience, though doesn’t block the event. It just cripples your ability to process and cope. So it’s an opaque filter. That being opaque is like a case of hysterical blindness. Honestly, in the case of hysterical blindness, it’s in many ways safer. It is bald faced and you know something is wrong. Internal psychic blinds are much more insidious.

Your filters aren’t what’s true about the world, they are what’s true about you. The world is what it is despite your opinion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Vedapushpa

    Spirituality is the ‘sublimation’ of our feelings about ourselves and as with others…

    The site is very good particularly with its concept of humour in spirituality… THANKS !!

    Positive Feeling With Others will mature into a Friendship – like Wine – It will become a tonic-fiilip . Friendship with no commands or demands… But just Be ther For One another…

    About Ourselves Spiritual-orientation or persective will help us transcend our Ego – so much so that we have attained a good degree of spirituality our feelings nad reasonings will lose their experiential loads and be just available for any fresh response sans any inhibitions and more importantly sans the sesuousness either..

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