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Non Doing Meditation


When you meditate that is non doing, but many people see it as a special state of mind. We meditate to get in touch with the now and who we are now. It isn’t by any struggle that we can… Seek More

Who are you?

Who Are You?

Tell me a bit about yourself: who you are, where you’re from, what you do, what you like the most, and what you would like to see on this site.  This will also help you get to know some of the… Seek More

Desire to Express


I am often surprised at how dualistic peoples minds are; love this, hate that, this is good, that is bad, this is spiritual, that is dirty. There are creeds today that though they profess to espouse unity, encourage us to… Seek More

Negative Feeling


Spiritual discussions and therapy don’t often cross paths. Doesn’t it seem strange they don’t cross? What do spiritual groups have to offer if they won’t accept pain and a need to heal? Platitudes maybe. They make statements implying they want… Seek More

No Punishment


I lost my father tragically, and his spirit was very intense and there in the house a long time. In the fullness of a life, the course of a life fully lived, the body fails not from a loss of… Seek More

Being Is Productive


Empathy. Awareness of feeling. I am open to feeling, so I don’t have to own another persons feeling. They can have what they feel and I can offer my presence. If the person is encumbered by their feelings, they can… Seek More

Mystical Gender


I will go into the mystical component of gender identification. In mysticism, all spiritual figures are shown with strongly “hermaphroditic” traits. In males, there is a drive to “possess” the female traits. In females, the drive to possess the male… Seek More

Why Do We Regret?


I will begin by defining regret in contrast to other states. What does it mean to regret nothing? If I say I regret nothing, I am saying my actions are totally in keeping with my intention, is this not so?… Seek More

Attention To Pattern


I feel forced to resort to metaphor now. Ever notice a tree as it grows can break even something much “tougher” than it? If close to a foundation it can damage it, so yes. And if not break it then… Seek More

True To Yourself


Onto what’s right about regret. You can be aware of inequities in your intentions, and actions, and consequences. This deduction is actually very useful and a source for self informed and self directed decision making, but does “future regret” have… Seek More