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Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

Dealing With Regret in Regret


I fluctuate back and forth between regret and acceptance. Regret is an internal struggle that you don’t have to do.

I feel I’ve learned a lot from what I’ve done, but sometimes the regret of all of it comes back. I’ll be fine for a while, but hear or see something that sets me off. If you feel desire to revisit an event, then reengage whatever that state is now and participate. If you cannot reengage that state, you can engage the inner process and let it come to full fruition.

It’s hard to even know where to begin when it hits me. Ah yes, common complaint. This is why you do it before it hits, when you have the resources of calm.

Example. Most people express the opinion that I am not at all temperamental. They even describe me as under-expressive, thus the autism diagnosis. But I alarm quite easily and become frustrated. So because I know this about myself, I go to these places in my mind while calm and explore them in my perception. I choose how I will relate to my triggers and see them as what they are: events and process, and not my identity. These choices hold when the issue comes back up again.

Basically reflect on your regrets while you’re not feeling the regret and see them objectively? Yes. They loosen, lose context, then transform.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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