Articles containing "Rejection"

Code of Harmlessness


Because of the dissonance in this world, it is deafening. The world screams in pain, and I hurt. There is not many problems. There is only one, and it is this we are discussing today. To abstain from it is… Seek More

Feeling Pain


Why can’t people accept that they can’t control their life or others? They misidentify themselves so they don‘t know who they are. They think there is a “them” that needs to struggle. For example, accepting a suicide is hard, and… Seek More

Impact of Perspective


The subject is the impact of perspective on spiritual life. Some see it as merely a tendency for distortion. They think we don’t see clearly because of our ego putting an overlay on spiritual experience. I would say individual experience is… Seek More

My Action


Action stems from passion. You may passionately believe I am mistaken, and feel powerfully moved to tell me so. The world moves and we move in it. There is a reason they say ask not for whom the bell tolls,… Seek More

Best and Worst Projection


What are the worst projections people do? Fear is very virulent, and it isn’t instinctive. We warp our own natures for the sake of fear. Fear of rejection, it creates rejection. Fear of failure, it creates failure. Fear is an… Seek More

What is Scientism?


Scientism: The precept that science is the foundation of all knowledge and that all truth can be arrived at by empirical method. Does this seem presumptuous, even crazy? The scientific method is a relatively new fangled thing. To think it… Seek More

Why do we Strive?


Some say the physical is dual, so we have to rise above the duality and become more spiritual. So the physical is profane? I find that people tend to trip over the idea of transcending the physical. It is confusing and… Seek More

History of Satanism


Satanism is more complex than people see it and it has had a long history. The Knights Templar were accused of it and many factions of Christianity were dismissed as Satanism including most if not all Gnostic Christianity. So there… Seek More

Aggressions Purpose


The next emotion of failure is aggression. Yet aggression is even more villainized in peoples minds than frustration is, and ignores huge parts of how the human mind works. It’s seen as more dramatic than frustration, but it is just… Seek More

Desire for Love


We are not of our nature solitary creatures. When we feel lonely and make declarations of how we don’t need anyone, that isn’t about people. It’s about ourselves. We feel frustrated, so we try to deny that we have worth.… Seek More