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Mind and Ego


The language gets sketchy. Is mind thinking? Isn’t thinking just an action? Awareness goes beyond thinking. The mind as we know it comes after, not before. It’s automatic and it’s why people get so tripped up. They are told to… Seek More

What is Death?


No one goes anywhere. There isn’t any need. It’s merely a change of state. A parallel existence, if you want to use the scientific paradigm. There is no such thing as loss. Sometimes, the way someone looses this form entails… Seek More

Still Your Mind


I contemplate grim things in my life. I admit this freely. And some others think that I do harm in these dark meditations but I see them in the “light” of the bigger picture. I just admit my natural inclination.… Seek More

Psychic Paths: Part 2

Dark Practice

There is a force in the world that makes the frogs stay in their ponds and guides the birds in their flights. Makes all things seek their place. It is not outside of you, but has a connection to things… Seek More

Our Place in the Moment


Any great truth, the most powerful truths, are in fact very simple and often even a child shows an understanding of them. They make us laugh and say “aw, how cute”, and often we ignore them also. This is regrettable… Seek More

Interpretation of Spirits


When you sleep some people think of it as a low energy state, but in fact it’s a high energy state. And the body behaves as it does because it doesn’t exactly have a tolerance for such intense energy. As… Seek More

Finding a Crystal


To find a crystal, are there varying degrees of quality? Not quality, but there is differing character. They are like living things, if you don’t bond they disconnect. Sort of like someone who bonds with their houseplants. If they have… Seek More

Halloween History and Tradition


Halloween is very much ingrained in our collective unconscious, and has a very long history. It was basically the Celtic New Year (Samhain). Like the Norse legend of the world being born of ice, they see winter as the first… Seek More

Jump into the Abyss


Suppression for the common good. Abstinence makes the heart grow colder. Makes it grow downright dead. I often speak of how I feel alone, and people usually just dismiss it as more drama, as my anxiety. No, it’s just my… Seek More

Cause and Effect


Life seems naturally contiguous. Thought and mood and action and reaction, there is no break in that cycle that I can see. Like we are all dancing to the same mad piper in the middle of a fairy ring made… Seek More