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Belief and Science


Does anyone have a strong belief that seems contradicted by life? Say, you believe in the law of attraction. Really invested in the idea of the law of attraction, but you perceive that it doesn’t seem to work? I’m not so sure… Seek More



There is an interesting phenomenon happening soon that has never really happened before. Many prophetic cycles have resolved recently or will be resolving soon, like the Mayan calendar and the 2012 date. Myself, I don’t canonize any cycle, but I… Seek More

Origin of Spirit


The converse of the order we know isn’t necessarily chaos. So why do we perceive spirit to run counter of, or independently of matter? Isn’t chaos just the absence of order? Chaos is the presence of potential, yet not actualized energy.… Seek More

Natures Wisdom


We often dilute the bodies wisdom and thus natures wisdom, by deluding ourselves that thought is superior to instinct. That wisdom is something we achieve. That we can gain it by being educated, “smart”. All mysticism and wisdom traditions contradict… Seek More

Science, Spirit, Energy and Matter


Alchemy can be applied widely, and it’s more a way of thinking or philosophy rather then ‘stir a pot and out comes gold’ as it’s usually portrayed. The association with making gold was narrow even in the heyday of alchemy.… Seek More

What is Scientism?


Scientism: The precept that science is the foundation of all knowledge and that all truth can be arrived at by empirical method. Does this seem presumptuous, even crazy? The scientific method is a relatively new fangled thing. To think it… Seek More

Impact of Scientism


Is the sole purpose of most religions to explain the universe and crowd control? Hmm, yes, except for explaining the universe. Religion sets up a paradigm that supports the temporal authority of that institution whatever body politic. Religion as a primitive… Seek More

The God Bomb


Would humans behave better if they knew God was not there to intervene? No. Humans would make a God when they believe there is none. Used to be King makers, now we make Gods. Scientism prevents its own ideal of… Seek More

Life Extension


There are a good many areas of scientific research of interest to transhumanist philosophers. Transhumanism could be considered one of the more positive forms of scientism, which we are already living with to some degree. Perhaps the most easily considered… Seek More

Goals for Awareness


As humans, we seem to continually strive to make our situations better and our awareness more complete. How do we come to the conclusion that our awareness is incomplete? We take ownership for our life. Those who don’t, don’t seem… Seek More