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Our Place in Existence


Gnosis has many sources. It is one of those phenomenon like the preponderance of certain symbols that co-arose cross culturally. Like the presence of dragons in every world mythology. The intuition that “god” is somehow indwelling the human soul has… Seek More

Spirit Contact


We contact spirits in the same way we sense our loved ones at a distance. A divinatory method isn’t absolutely necessary. In fact, you are likely more in contact than you may have realized you are. The contained system we… Seek More

Your Inner Demon


How does a demon go about being spiritual? Demons are spiritual. Darkness is merely the mirror image of light, and much is declared dark from prejudice only. Bad is debatable. The spirit that challenges you to know the truth of… Seek More

Divination of Tarot


Cartomancy is a relatively new method of the more general practice of divination. It arose in the late medieval era as a way of preserving initiatory murals in a way that could be kept safe and transported. The major arcana… Seek More

Meanings in Tarot


Pentacles in the minor arcana represent physical progress. Cups represent gathering, the first mystery of the heart. They are the suit in the minor arcana of the personal life in contrast to the physical or mental, and then wands which… Seek More

Interpreting Tarot Spreads

The tarot cards come up and are read not only for their symbolism, but for their place in the spread. Are you familiar with Egyptian cartouches or Sumerian murals? Well, the sequence of the symbols mattered as much as the… Seek More

Creative Viewing by Nikhil Manna

Guest Blog

I was reading Travis’ article on psychic viewing, and it struck me as accurate. There comes a point though when language fails in its tasks to translate thoughts.  Not that I am suggesting developing telepathic skills, but simply stating the… Seek More

Astrological Relationship


Someone earlier today asked if there were ley lines in the Second Life (SL) virtual world. I would say there are, and the rhythms are keying into our communication. The energy breathing substance into what seems very different than the… Seek More

Fissure in Time

Parallel Worlds

The world is not over yet, but it is coming to an end? The world ends right now. Right now I see things differently, even now, just ended again, changed my mind, there my world ended again. Are you looking now?… Seek More

Using Ritual


The little ritual, or psychodrama if you will, might seem to have no power or meaning.  But as people have often experienced, if you dream about something aggravating at night, your next day may be very much affected. Much of dream… Seek More