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Religion of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egyptian religion can be summarized as shamanism under the influence of nationalism. Like the Native American cultures, they saw the world as a spiritual place and the relationship between the ancient tribes of Egypt changed over time before the… Seek More

Egyptian Soul and Hell


Egyptian religion was both intuitive and rationalistic.  Since its focus was so pragmatic the Greeks and Romans actually saw no reason to compromise it, and translated some of their concepts into Greek or Roman terms. Thus the cult of Osiris… Seek More

Halloween History and Tradition


Halloween is very much ingrained in our collective unconscious, and has a very long history. It was basically the Celtic New Year (Samhain). Like the Norse legend of the world being born of ice, they see winter as the first… Seek More

Rites of Death


Death rites are perhaps the most universal in there nature and there significance. The lore behind death rites is as big as religion, science and magic itself, and the rites of death are really rites of life. They differ as… Seek More

Resolve Old Beliefs


In Norse belief most people go to hell. This is the literal source of the word and it was governed by the Vnir goddess Hela. To the Norse, hell was just a place of dreary boredom. Hell wasn’t for the… Seek More

Harmony of Thought

Native American

Can you go into the origins of the tobacco and spirit offering in Native American culture? Tobacco was considered a powerful spirit. It was considered to have the power to enliven the one smoking it, and even modern research has… Seek More

Living Power


There are many solar deities, but they all share things in common. Both giving and punishing, both warm and potentially damning. Does this seem to refute our contemporary understanding of the sun? But in the ancient world, the power of… Seek More

New Beginning


Spring is a time when many new things come. If you would reject any supernatural element, then why does proper observance of spring seem to make so many things prosper? Even things supposedly unaffected by the weather? The astral is more… Seek More

Druid Creed


It’s hard to say much that’s absolute about Druid creed, because as part of their creed they were not absolutist thinkers. The culture the Druids would be most like is the Magi, and they would often later be called Magi… Seek More

Dragons Way

Dragon Lore

It was said that a dragons roar could disturb the harmony of nature itself. They now know that animals are distressed before a seismic disturbance by an actual sound called “black noise”. A dragon roaring from the underworld? I might… Seek More