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Spiritual State


I have experienced a spiritual state. A variety of issues sort of gave me no choice. I used to suffer seizures, irregular theta waves. Those are what make you “unconscious” or at rest, but it wasn’t the sleep cycle. I wasn’t asleep.… Seek More

Direction and Thought


Now here is something interesting. Some people might think of total awareness and ask what about direction? What about purpose? Lots of people stumble over things like the law of attraction because in the popular material something is missing. Can’t… Seek More



The future is an assumption of linear advancement. It is a global advancement. Future is modeled thinking. Time flows in waves as does space. “Global” is in the geometric sense. Consider a wave pattern, the preponderance of circles. The diagram… Seek More

What are Omens?


Omens are phenomenon that occur independently of any “practice” you might be involved in. They are like the little signs that occur before a quake or volcanic eruption or a violent storm, and this is part of how you can recognize an… Seek More

Repetitive Life Patterns


For me, anything I get deeply enmeshed in seems to have a death clock start. There is a powerful creative initial surge, and then it winds down. I can feel the event playing out and losing any life. Sometimes this… Seek More

No One Mind


They say no news is good news, and one of our two primal fears is loud noise, a.k.a. news. It is a species wide fear, but humans are supposedly creatures of knowledge and communication. Leading the normal life is a… Seek More

There is Time


There is another side to life and we all live in it, but some of us are not left to the wonderous gift of lethe. The numb balm of forgetting. You can say that my statements are delusion, but there is… Seek More

What is Reality?


With regular meditation practice, insight just comes. It isn’t from thinking, but it is hard to ‘understand’ with the thinking mind that insight can come from elsewhere. You’re using the ‘thinking’ to understand ‘not thinking‘, and this is why the… Seek More

Influence of the Universe


How exactly do these planetary bodies ‘plug in’ so to speak and influence me? They are large scope or macrocosmic influences, and as things move them they move literally everything else. Like how we have more storms during sunspot activity.… Seek More

Fabric of Reality


The negative impact of the human mind on the fabric of reality. Thought is viral. Human thought tends to be negative so it is self perpetuating. Someone gets a pessimistic attitude about their life or a business, and that has… Seek More