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Tame Ignorance in Ignorance


What makes people debunk hidden knowledge is that they see it has sensory corollaries, and they are totally right it does. But there seems to be an issue of context when perception is so broad.

Context meaning where they got it from? Any information you get has the stamp of its source.

It’s environmental footprint, so to speak? Yes. When you aren’t “seeing” the agreement with the world other people see, they can think you are speaking a foreign language. We have certain instincts as human beings that we have no need to drive under the level of consciousness, but we do anyway.

Isn’t that behaviour mod? Indoctrination. The process by which we form beliefs. In fact, they have discovered that the same part of our brain they have linked to spiritual beliefs is linked to “secular” beliefs. The brain doesn’t distinguish between the two. So very literally, and now backed by science, you don’t believe what you see and you cannot. You actually see what you believe.

Ignorance is all about our beliefs? What we choose? Is an issue of scope and quality, but yes. You get literal sensory input all the time, but everything, pleasure and pain, even features you see or temperatures you feel, are in your brain. It’s literally all in your head, but your brain didn’t come from your thinking, thank reality.

Those we call ignorant people are very stubborn about their beliefs. They insist on rigid screening of their perception, but the weakness is not in their intelligence, not in the quality of their thought. They have little biological and perhaps spiritual resilience. They are demonstrating weakness. They have an aversion to any disturbance of their body’s homeostasis.

We should define stress. Stress is literally any energy or stimuli that causes a change in your bodies state, whether you like it or not.

Yeah, don’t make waves that will make me seasick. Indeed, you have it perfectly. They exert control because of their cognitive and perhaps spiritual dissipation.

Ignorance is an issue with body awareness? Well, there is no body, or there is all body. You can’t entertain that dichotomy and have much experience make any sense. Since we observe that there is mind in the world, it would seem to me that we are forced to conclude there is only mind, and some peoples minds are “wanna be” bodies. Heavy emotional investment in the idea of bodies and material existence and even mind is shallow. Since we have “spiritual” experience, in fact, we might have to say there is only spirit.

The ignorant are holding onto the material “literal”? Yes, because they mistake power for force, and believe they can force things to exist or to happen. We cannot eliminate ignorance. It’s hard wired into our brains, but we can “tame” it. Shape its behaviour to better suit our well being. The pattern of blank spots in your consciousness can be deliberately moved, relocated. As they say, you can’t know everything, but I say you just can’t know everything all at once.

That goes on all the time. Mistaking one for the other is what gives fuel to permit societies to wage wars. True.

My swiss cheese memory can be retooled? Yes. It has been established in the new insights gained in neuroscience that the brain keys more into negative definition than positive. It can’t recognize non-existence as itself, but it can notice missing pieces in a pattern. Like looking at a jigsaw puzzle and recognizing that a piece of that picture is missing, though you don’t know what that missing piece looks like.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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