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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Without Knowing in Ignorance


The topic is ignorance. What is ignorance, friends?

Etymologically, it is without knowing.

Ignorance is to each of their own perceptions.

How can we substantiate the state of being we call “without knowing”?

We are constantly in a state of not knowing. How do we know this? Each consciousness has its own character, and even in the fullness of life, ones fundamental character tends to endure as much as its superficial traits may evolve. Is this not so?

We chose certainty? We chose certainty and in that we invited ignorance, because the total tapestry of reality has an exception to every rule. If all things are considered, then can anything be known?

Here is an example of ignorance and its mutability. Ever notice when first acquainted with a topic, it’s easy to have opinions about it? But as you come to know it more deeply, you can’t be invested in any one view of it?

Yes. It becomes more complex, less cut and dried. And yet to make a decision, and thus undertake a creative act, we must come to a conclusion anyway? When all food is just nourishment, do you not have to select something anyway? In Buddhism they say “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water”.

Nature requires us to choose. I myself don’t choose to see that as any tyranny on natures part, but more a sharing of a deeper wisdom than our individual limited understandings equips us with. There can be no “without ignorance”, but I offer that we can be aware of our ignorance and include it in our evaluations of our own judgement. Not become so attached to any single view.

There is no ignorance without wisdom? I agree.

If I consciously know I’m ignorant in an area, I will listen more and give people the benefit of the doubt. In knowing your ignorance, you can have a deeply meaningful ally that can move you to know when to seek wise council, as well as when to offer it and when to abstain. No one persons wisdom is all encompassing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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