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If you would welcome some teaching advice… Why I wound up teaching and why…

There is a certain kind of thinking that just came naturally to me, creeped into my conversations, how I helped my friends, just topics of interest even. You may do this already. You may have had someone take note of your style of thinking and relating to the world. Teaching has to go deep like that, you have to live and breath it. So can I ask?

You might enjoy the Wake Up CloudWhat is the wake up cloud? It’s a Facebook page and a website about how to create your lifestyle blog. The guy who runs that says similar things… to teach what you know and not worry about knowing it all. You just have to know it differently or how he managed to do it.

Yes. As far as I know all I am is just an obsessive jerk who talks too much. I don’t worry about knowing anything in particular. I just express what is in my head to express.

He used to be a professional poker player until he started getting into writing and selling courses on finding passions and all that.

So, in your day to day affairs what stands out every day? Anyone? For me, it’s the complex structure of physical presences, cause and effect chains of events, the pageant of human behaviour.

The struggle to keep motivated to get stuff done. So for you distaste for activities stands out every day? I mean on a daily basis?

The storm outside is standing out for me. Watching the worms die on the paving slabs but I got excited when one made it to the space where it could escape. I cheered for it! Oh, that little worm was not about to give up. They wriggle to the last breath I notice.

We all have special situations that catch our attention on a case by case basis. You could perhaps teach people how to creatively engage the dramatic story based element of life? To appreciate the epic events that go on around them? That kind of thinking isn’t something that comes readily to everyone.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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