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Traffic In The Universe in Mediumship


Mediumship, also called channelling. It’s a relatively new concept on the occult scene, and it isn’t exactly clear what sort of phenomenon it is. Some think of it as a psychic ability. Some think it works for some other reason. There isn’t a long standing or well developed tradition regarding it, not to say that this is actually necessary, but it does mean that people have to make up a fair bit as they go.

There has been an increase in popularity when it comes to channelling, and most television psychics are mediums or include mediumship in some other talent. There is something to it all, of course, but in my opinion it hasn’t been well handled so far. The intention behind it isn’t really clear. A sense of its purpose is sort of lacking unlike other forms of communication. A protocol that makes sense hasn’t really been shared.

Like Edgar Cayce’s work? Indeed. People tend to forget that Cayce wasn’t really a supporter of what he did. He agreed to keep doing it because it seemed to have useful outcomes.

You mean to teach it in a simple way? Well, teaching in a simple way would be a big help, but also helping people understand exactly what it is. People either dismiss it totally or embrace it unquestioningly. There is very little middle ground that I have observed.

The books of the Bible are partially channelled works. This is true, and perhaps imperfectly channelled.

There is a lot of, for lack of a better term, telepathic traffic in the universe, and people often overhear bits of communication that aren’t really meant for them. Like taking someone else’s conversation personally, they try to interpret broken thoughts as if they have personal meaning. The thought itself of course was not broken, but the person receiving it often only gets part, and many of the thoughts a medium can pick up on are structured in ways that don’t really have a translation in our experience. They are more or less entirely out of context like humanities budding psychic sensitivity has gotten them into a big and potentially very confusing game of telephone. Not to say that none of the messages going around are meant for humanity. When it becomes known that a person or group of persons have developed the ability to access the exchange, then they do start communicating to a greater or lesser degree.

How do we know that? Perhaps the most clear way of telling if a message is meant for humans, is does it make sense from a human level? These more advanced beings do have the ability to translate their intentions into a human frame, much like you might gesture to communicate with a deaf person.

Another guide for determining the value of a message is whether or not it’s helpful. There are countless beings communicating in the exchange, not all of them care about humanity, nor do they all have what we would consider a moral viewpoint in communicating with us. There are salesmen and politicians on that level also, and some would be perfectly happy seeing earth sentience removed from the equation. In fact, much like human internet culture, there are entities that are the equivalent of psychic flamers and trolls.

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Travis Saunders
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