'Mediumship' Chapter


There is a lot of telepathic traffic in the universe and people often overhear bits of communication that aren’t really meant for them. They are more or less entirely out of context, like humanities budding psychic sensitivity has gotten them into a big and potentially very confusing game of telephone. Perhaps the most clear way of telling if a message is meant for humans, is does it make sense from a human level?

Our world reflects all worlds. Our mind can reflect any other mind. When there is a break in the connection, or a connection that is causing trouble, it’s up to us to change it. The channelling phenomenon is going to get stronger, and it won’t stay at information. The exchange is of information, and information is energy. Don’t lose your head, and trust your own sense of what is going on. Use what is offered to you, but rest assured you are going to have to find your own way.

“For the current of our spiritual life creeds, rituals and channels that may thwart or help, according to their fixity or openness. When a symbol or spiritual idea becomes rigidly elaborate in its construction, it supplants the idea which it should support.” Rabindranath Tagore (Indian Poet, Playwright and Essayist, 1861-1941)

Traffic In The Universe

Mediumship, also called channelling. It’s a relatively new concept on the occult scene, and it isn’t exactly clear what sort of phenomenon it is. Some think of it as a psychic ability. Some think it works for some other reason.… Seek More

The Exchange

Humanity doesn’t see clearly into the, let’s say, hyperspace between dimensions. So images do get projected onto our mental screens and they have a low degree of resolution. Sort of like the scenes from the movie The Sixth Sense, people… Seek More

Evil Is Spam

Most channelled messages to date are largely junk mail or poorly translated communications, like trying to understand what they call English. Our minds are powerful beyond our beliefs. Indeed. We just need to use them, and to use them we… Seek More

Find Your Way In The Exchange

Our region of the exchange is much like our internet, but before modern society it was broken. It’s not whole now, but we have made great strides in understanding. And if we lose our passion, our flesh wilts as well. Very… Seek More