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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Evil Is Spam in Mediumship


Most channelled messages to date are largely junk mail or poorly translated communications, like trying to understand what they call English.

Our minds are powerful beyond our beliefs. Indeed. We just need to use them, and to use them we have to actually experience them.

Aren’t our minds powerful because of our beliefs? They are powerful despite our beliefs, and our beliefs twist the minds power.

Sooner or later your brain will turn to spam as well. I’m tired of head spam. Spam is evil. Yes, and that statement is true, but in reverse. Evil is spam. In the multiverse, nothing can actually be destroyed, but it can be compromised, disrupted and delayed, made full of noise.

Is this not what creation is? Creation is a system of simulation, modeling key aspects of multiversal consciousness, and the simulation serves to amplify the source energy. Sort of like cycling energy in a nuclear reactor builds more electricity.

What is not of creation then? Obfuscation is not of creation. Obfuscation is confusion or deception.

Shadow? Shadow is of creation. There is not a single light, but many. Where the lights meet with each other there is a pattern of interference.

But merging into one? As the foreign light is internalized, yes, but on the fringe it just looks like darkness. This is why each light has infinite potential. They share.

I thought it is inside always becoming bigger. Indeed it is, and the energy is acquired from the outside, or what is seen as outside.

But if twisted does this not still make creation? It’s a side effect, and yes, don’t get me wrong. I am not espousing a puritanical view of all awareness. The corruption serves its own purpose. It adds diversity to the source in the long run.

But it also comes from the outside making the inside light complete or bigger? This is true, but the reason these strange beings are interested in our region of the multiverse at all is it is part of the circuit.

So you’re saying it’s up to me how I give meaning to it and how I experience it? Ultimately, yes. This is why you exist. Your meaning is your gift to the multiverse itself.

Why are the strange beings interested in us? Same reason why a computer user is interested in things that create a drag on processing speed. That, and well, some of them are just friendly.

Yes. Humanity is quite a drag. It’s a dragon as well. Specifically the merging of two dragons. Ida and Pingala. Kingu and Tiamat.

Kingu? Sumerian, the consort of Tiamat.

Tiamat was the earth before it was broken correct? Indeed. Kingu was the primal mind, the inner animal of the world and why animalism seems to be a rule of awareness on earth.

Was Ida and Pingala the same thing? Yes. They are the twin serpents of Hinduism.

So we are a combination of animals and earth? More like a force we would equate to emotion and matter, passion and flesh. It was a process like our emotion that caused the cosmic gas that formed our planet to congeal.

But dragon lore is an entirely different topic. I meant to give some insight into navigating the messages we receive here on earth.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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