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When you stop taking things so seriously then you start seeing them clearly.

Find Your Way In The Exchange in Mediumship


Our region of the exchange is much like our internet, but before modern society it was broken. It’s not whole now, but we have made great strides in understanding.

And if we lose our passion, our flesh wilts as well. Very true. The secret is not purification, that throws the baby out with the bath water. Humanity has twisted notions of clarity as best. The secret is channelling what we already have. Rather than going around saying you have the absolute word from on high, realizing that reality is not broken. The fallen world doctrine is a serious ill. It is causing us serious problems. It was a self fulfilling prophecy, really.

It is a drain on us all. We need our energy for what is going on now. We have to stop that drain.

Our world reflects all worlds. Our mind can reflect any other mind. When there is a break in the connection, or a connection that is causing trouble, it’s up to us to change it. The channelling phenomenon is going to get stronger, and it won’t stay at information. The exchange is of information, and information is energy. Some things would be perfectly happy with new real estate for their own reality, and they will only be obtaining what we are selling.

If the channel drains? Yes, though drain can be misread. Human tolerance for energy is limited so far, and getting just a bit more than you can handle can feel like a drain as well.

That is more a tired feeling isn’t it? If it’s just extra energy you feel tired, but full. A drain makes you feel empty. It can wind up feeling almost mindless, but fortunately you can recover from this.

I feel mindless sometimes. You may be in contact with one of the draining factions.

Perhaps. How do I break contact? You break contact by being willing. Most people live their lives doing but not willing. They do what they must, at least from their point of view, but reject the surfacing of their will.

Are some other worldly intelligences responsible for the current changes? Yes, a few. There were some beings here before humanity arose, and they wouldn’t mind having earth back.

I need to filter information first if it is helpful for me and the planet? Yes. I will summarize.

Keep your heads up with all the talk from the other side. Recognize channels for what they are, like television stations. They may be telling you a truth, but they don’t have the whole truth, because the whole truth is not something that can be predicted, only parts. Don’t lose your head, and trust your own sense of what is going on. Use what is offered to you, but rest assured you are going to have to find your own way.

Your own way may run along side friends. So no fear of being alone, but you do have to find your way before you find them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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