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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Grand Array of Energy Exchange in Purity


When the light of the psyche is focused intensely, its affect on the mind is to wear down its structure. When the light of the psyche is split completely, it shunts away all “heat” or life energy causing a stagnation in its structure leading to the accumulation of structural flaws. A crystal needs heat to mend cracks or structural flaws, but too much heat and it ceases to be what it is, and its component elements go on to bond with other things.

Like sunlight, too much is bad and too little is bad. Yes.

But the issue of balance is not subject to a universal standard. Each mind takes on a structure that serves not only its own purposes, but the purpose of the collective force of “mind” as a whole. Each mind in the field of psyche is a part of a grand array of energy exchange. The combined effect producing the hologram we know as reality.

So, what is “pure” is different to each individual? Indeed, based on their state of being in relationship to the collective array of consciousness.

Based on our personal strengths or virtues? Yes. Where things go wrong is in the imbalance of signal to noise ratio. In a physical array, the diamond doesn’t stop being a diamond because the ruby further up in the chain shined its light on it. Yet humans declare that others “make me do it” as if the psyche is an irresistible force and their mind an unliving object.

Being the “effect” of everything else’s being the “cause”. Exactly. This reactionary behaviour increases to the degree of noise being exchanged all throughout the collective consciousness or consensus reality.

Now this noise is a serious “disease.” It actually serves to dissipate the flow of psyche in our reality, creating an inordinate measure of dead air, dead spirit, empty heart. This robs resources from beyond even our reality. The multiverse bleeds as a whole. Not only do you suffer but all possible versions of you suffer, and the multiversal consciousness experiences progressive “dementia” forgetting of purpose.

It’s why we experience things like karma. We are not the originators of karma, it’s a function of multiversal reality.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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