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Do you remember what it was like before you were born? No? That’s the point. We are forever aborning. Each moment a new incarnation, and in each moment the original conviction is arrived at again. Yet for all our convictions we are still constantly aborning.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in Purity

Zombie Chainsaw

What makes people declare that “they didn’t mean it”?

Trying to dodge responsibility or else, perhaps, not aware of the internal influences?

Not understanding their impact? Why wouldn’t they understand that?

Narcissistic? Momentum. Behaving mindlessly? Eep, the zombie apocalypse is already at hand? How would someone survive that?

Shotgun. Could you survive the zombie apocalypse simply by fighting? Fight all the zombies?

I’ve noticed in the movies they never stop coming so they will win. Perhaps recognize that zombies are part of the picture, too? I don’t fight anything. Could you survive it by running? Run from all the zombies?

Where to run? We’re all HERE. Yes. You would run from one group of zombies right into another.

If you can’t beat em, join em. Ah, join them? Do you really have to just die?

Zombie Chainsaw

Zombie Hunter

Become one of the forsaken. Well, in that case they are “well adjusted” and sentient zombies. But what if you accept that zombies and their ways are the reality your mind exists in, and discover your way in their way? Maybe you use a chainsaw. Maybe you use static defenses. Maybe you capitalize on their mindlessness and ease of confusion.

So they are coming “at” us from “within” us? Yes indeed. Could you create in the midst of the zombie apocalypse? Fighting leads to death, fleeing leads to death, isolation leads to insanity which leads to death. How would you survive?

Act like them and maybe they will think you are one of them. Perhaps that can work for a time, but it would inevitable fail as the stress of the unnatural behaviour would lead to a lapse, a moment of speech say, and then they eat your brain.

Find your own part of the prism? Exactly, my whole point. You create in the medium of the light emanating from within you, create and recreate.

Provide them with fresh brains so they leave you alone. Actually, provide fresh souls who want to survive. Healthy beings who have the strength and insight to adapt. In time, the zombies would fall away, but it doesn’t even require something so passive as waiting for time to pass. The individual survivors, as creative beings, would create an impact that constitutes a great holistic presence. This is what leads to “miracles”, but only when awareness of the soul is exercised. When conscious use and development of the mind is pursued.

Wake up? Yes. That’s my only real message in all my classes. Wake up. Wherever you are, being whoever you are, wake up. This is why I do the dark metaphysics classes. I’m not some juvenile who gets some superficial thrill from spooky topics.

You are an alarm clock. I am serving as an “alarm” clock, emphasis on alarm.

People are hitting Travis looking for the snooze button? I do feel like that sometimes.

I recall that it is eventually possible to sleep through any alarm clock. It can be, but when people get together and tip you out of bed, you will wake up involuntarily. I’m actually being gentle. The way reality is changing, its influence will be much less so.

Also, that everything is a potential alarm clock/Dharma Gate/awakener. Indeed. I have been alarmed by a jelly glaze donut. If you look very closely, they really are disturbing looking.

Is that why you like Tim Horton’s coffee shop? Indeed, it is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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