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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Clarify Yourself in Purity


To fully elaborate on the course of action regarding the service to personal integrity, it’s not enough to render your personal memory inviolate if all you do is betray yourself and others as well.

You must lay claim to what is both your responsibility and your privilege, the channels of communication in the array that connect to you. You must send and receive, express and reflect. Input and output makes a working computer. Action and rest make healthy neurons in a working brain, otherwise you get brain death or seizure. Are either of those desirable?

Now my metaphors only provide a hopefully useful thumbnail of the experience of being in this world, living this life. As simple as the underlying dynamics can be described, we are still living as human beings, or animal beings, or plant beings, or mineral beings for that matter, energy beings also, and our world is whole. We are whole, not simple circuits, more like neurons if you still prefer a simple metaphor. We change our shape and internal composition as well. Choose our contacts and serve purposes greater than ourselves.

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Most of us are very neuronic. To my view neuronic = neurotic, and well, perfect sanity would be a very drab experience as well so to each their own.

This explains that saying of clean your own backyard first? Purify ourselves and it helps the whole circuit? Well, clarify yourself. Balance your mind in the light that you perceive by. Begin purifying only at your own peril. It’s possible your mind has an inclusion that you would be better rid of, but that can be done gently and naturally as well as deliberately.

Dangerous if you’re not ready for it like having too much power? Overload? Too much power leads to nihilism. When you can do anything, all consequences lose meaning, or at least can at first seem to.

There are Buddhist paths that don’t recommend meditation until you have done work on right action, morality, etc. I see the wisdom in that. Discipline the self then explore the self. Sounds like a good strategy.

Like a game on god mode it gets boring quickly. Exactly. If you would lead a meaningful life, mean the life you lead.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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