We always make a decision. I type these words and you will decide what they mean to you. It doesn’t have to be deliberate. We are conditioned if we aren’t instead mindful. It will happen one way or another.

Preserve the Memory in Purity


So, this does have a use. It isn’t just all wild otherworldly rhetoric. Do you not feel like there is something wrong with your mind being derailed by circumstance? Just reacting to input without actual intention behind it? Do you feel your intention or individual purpose should really ever be derailed?

Well, actually I do feel that it needs to be derailed sometimes when I am already on the “wrong” track. Intention is not the same as impulse. Impulses sometimes do need to be checked, for some people more frequent than not.

Should your meaning be submerged in someone else’s meaning?

Oh no! No one else defines who I am. No one else defines who you are. You are to be true to yourself. Preserve the “memory” that you have been processing, as well as the checking and computing and editing you have done with it. I apologize for using computer metaphor, but I can’t at the moment think of a clearer way to describe it.

I ponder “purity” as a process. Purity is a process, indeed. It’s not an end state. There is no end that can be described as purity. If anything, the idea that an end can be reached is itself corruption rather than purity.

Well, this preservation is simple to effect. In the case of enlightenment, enlightenment itself is also not an end to achieve. In the state Buddhists call enlightenment, rather than having shed anything from the self, one has achieved an all-encompassing resonance. The reason the enlightened one seems moral is that they perceive reality from the viewpoint of the whole rather than a part. They judge no part, and act only to preserve universal integrity.

To shed would be more aversion. Yes, transcendence is a burden.

I ponder a pantheistic ethic thinking of Spinoza’s Ethics in which he (a pantheist) says we are all part of Nature, substance, God. Impossible to separate ourselves from Substance so a universal integrity — potential. Impossible and needless. The potential is our heart, not my heart, or any individual or groups heart. It’s all encompassing. It’s the well from which all hope springs eternally, and one of the many forces flowing through psyche. So perhaps it can be said this way. True purity is personal integrity. Absolute purity as many seek it is simply an empty death wish.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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