'Purity' Chapter

Zombie Chainsaw

The soul or psyche, spirit if you prefer, is like a great light. I see the measure of purity being evident in the degree of diffusion in the souls light. Purity is a process. It’s not an end state. There is no end that can be described as purity. If anything, the idea that an end can be reached is itself corruption rather than purity.

Balance your mind in the light that you perceive by. Begin purifying only at your own peril. It’s possible your mind has an inclusion that you would be better rid of, but that can be done gently and naturally as well as deliberately.

“Purity of mind and idleness are incompatible” Mahatma Gandhi

“The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.” Richard Moss

Measure of Purity

What is purity to you, my friends? Elimination of toxins. Unpolluted and unblemished. The absence of evil. Flawless…like a diamond. All visions of purity have a truth in them. Today, I will share mine. The soul or psyche, spirit if… Seek More

Achieving Purity

Your personal mind is a meme communicated in a comparable fashion to biological genetics. But running all through this pool of psyche or “minds” is an energy that lies at the foundation of all reality itself; soul, the Brahman if… Seek More

Grand Array of Energy Exchange

When the light of the psyche is focused intensely, its affect on the mind is to wear down its structure. When the light of the psyche is split completely, it shunts away all “heat” or life energy causing a stagnation… Seek More

Preserve the Memory

So, this does have a use. It isn’t just all wild otherworldly rhetoric. Do you not feel like there is something wrong with your mind being derailed by circumstance? Just reacting to input without actual intention behind it? Do you… Seek More

Clarify Yourself

To fully elaborate on the course of action regarding the service to personal integrity, it’s not enough to render your personal memory inviolate if all you do is betray yourself and others as well. You must lay claim to what… Seek More

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

What makes people declare that “they didn’t mean it”? Trying to dodge responsibility or else, perhaps, not aware of the internal influences? Not understanding their impact? Why wouldn’t they understand that? Narcissistic? Momentum. Behaving mindlessly? Eep, the zombie apocalypse is already… Seek More