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There is an interesting phenomenon happening soon that has never really happened before. Many prophetic cycles have resolved recently or will be resolving soon, like the Mayan calendar and the 2012 date. Myself, I don’t canonize any cycle, but I… Seek More

Norse Mythology


Norse religion still affects much of our culture today. Our fondness for feast holidays originates with them, as does the name of many of our days of the week. Their imagery has much in common with Indo-European religion, and is… Seek More

Beings Cloaked in Illusion


To date, even in modern parapsychology, much of the old understanding of angelic powers is gone. There are still reported encounters or sightings of unknown beings that behave much like the “angels” of old. Though without any seeming divine agenda… Seek More

Kingdom of Osiris


The Egyptian Pharaoh was both King and High Priest. At first, the ascension (not unlike the Buddha’s ascension) was considered possible only to the Pharaoh. It was only later that they came to believe that all souls could ascend, and… Seek More

Gnostic Reality


The different schools of Gnosis have differing attitudes about reality and the creator. From Jehovah being genuinely evil to just being fallible, and from any partaking of reality as being damning of yourself to the problem being misperception of reality.… Seek More

Chaotic Forces


You cannot generate the chaotic forces, these “strange attractors”, but you can merge with them. A strange attractor is an observable repeating pattern that might even seem acausal, but is enduring despite our failure to see causes for it. Thus… Seek More

Traveling The Multiverse


In the between state, what happens if one chooses outside? Oh, if one chooses outside, you move into what passes for “incarnation” in that realm. But our realm is nested in that one, and your new form can move into… Seek More

Nature Finds A Way


What is the natural position of humans, really? Holistically, regarding all spheres and dimensions here. Excellent question. Humanity is the “watching” species, or in a multi-dimensional sense, they are earth custodians, not its owners. The shepherds of the life force concentrated… Seek More

The Intervention

Star Nations

They practiced the dreaming. It’s gone by many names. The Oracles of the Greeks. The Shamans of many cultures. Even the rare savants where the culture didn’t have much of a formal tradition. Prophets among the cultures of the middle… Seek More

Minds In Soul


I find it interesting how my body and mind take on an expansive feeling just hearing about ascension. I expect that is recognition. Well, about the expansive feeling, the mind is much like an amoeba. It is protean. Formless, but… Seek More