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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Try and Deny in Control


Control is human nature, but control was never to deny other parts of our nature. Self denial is slow and pointless suicide. Control exists as part of our nature to let our thought guide our fulfillment, and our fulfillment arises only from inner nature. If we ignore inner nature in favour of another definition in the name of an unnatural concept of control, we loose control of even the things we value because we make them something to achieve.

Even in the words of Jesus when he was spoken of as a good man, he asked why that person called him good. He said that it was more appropriate to say he was on the way of good and then spoke of the living Father who is also the word, law, or wisdom. Nothing is to be attained. It’s said in the Bible that the word of God is written on the human heart and that we are the children of God. This is literally true. God is love and our inner natures. Our instincts are love if not twisted by ideas of control. We exist in the very pattern of God, yet in the name of control we place our own judgement above what we came from, from the very thing that lets our lungs still breath and our hearts still beat. Is it any wonder that in the name of control we now die?

We serve the enemy. In controlling the enemy, in betraying ourselves, we perpetuate the evils we seek to try to avoid. We try and try. Try = deny.  We create what we are supposedly resisting and the object of resistance arises naturally because your nature doesn’t stop being your nature. It won’t shut up because you have decided you are in control.

When you fight yourself, as is inevitable you lose. You fight yourself because of your idea of self. If you were to allow your nature, your idea of self gets threatened. When you feel that inner nature arise, it can feel almost like the hand of God or demonic possession but the only demon is you. And the evil, the source of suffering, is the controller. It says so even in the Bible. In the Gnostic texts Samael is the Lord of the Blind. In old Jewish belief, he is the adversary, the persecutor of your sins. In the Yezzidi holy text and in obscure passages of the Bible, he is the Lord of the World. Who is the Lord of the World? The we we think we are. The controlling ego.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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