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A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Vehicle Of Life in Transition


People often lament that life is sprinkled with moments of change with long stretches in between. True, but is life immutable? Just have to wait for an air hole to breath from?

I don’t think so. Then you understand that well. Life shows every evidence of being willing to accommodate just about any event. Why is that?

Life is change? Every choice you make changes your own future. Which means this change everyone is afraid of is not mysterious, not scary. It’s alive and has ways we can know with an open mind and heart. Not only every choice you make can affect your life, but every choice anyone makes can affect anyone’s life, because there is life and you are an observer. There is life and you are an active agent too, but you have to start where you are. If I tell my dog “Hey dog, I don’t like dogs so be a cat. Do it because I say so.” What would happen? Absolutely nothing, and if I persist something will happen, but to me and not the dog. Most people are busy telling life what to be. They are too busy doing that to see what it can be if you cooperate.

You’ll become psychotic? Ultimately in the long run, yes. Very psychotic.

Another situation. Let’s say you see me apparently watching a stump, and when you ask me why I’m watching this stump, I say because I want to see what I could shape it into. Would I seem so crazy?

Some might think so. Oh indeed, and they call artists and inventors crazy too. Tell me friends, does life make sense?

That would be the same as looking for shapes in clouds, would it not? Indeed, exactly the same. You get my point perfectly.

Is it meaningful if you see faces in things like clouds and rocks? Faces just seem to pop out at me, eyes and a mouth, not always a nose. Yes, but the meaning is yours. It is about how you are interfacing with life and the world. Don’t ignore it. You can gain a lot of insight into your own needs and talents by paying attention to this.

It’s like finding the meaning in dreams. The meanings are yours and not someone else’s. Yes, and well… Same with life. Life doesn’t sit still. It’s like the cloudy sky. It most certainly has substance. Ask anyone who worries about a cyclone head if it’s just in their head, and they will look at you like you’re crazy, as well they should. But the secret to effective decisions, and thus effective transition, is seeing what the “images in the clouds” look like to you. If it looks like a snarling unfriendly face, you maybe should consider moving.

Now, here is the even more amazing part, perhaps. Have you noticed you start seeing these forms as soon as you consider making a choice? Just little supposed coincidences that suggest you have taken a bad turn, or would if you choose that?

We look for signs? Actually, you look for shifts in yourself, that being the easiest. But you will see it in other people too, because they react subconsciously to what’s on your mind, animals too.

How can you see shifts in yourself? Example. When you are contemplating a confrontation, have you ever noticed sometimes things get very clear and people are more willing to talk to you? And other times, again when you are considering a confrontation, your head gets more fuzzy and people start acting like they don’t trust you?

They are seeing the potential for a fight and try to talk you out of it? Or see the potential for resolution and trust you to do it, but what’s what differs in the signs that occur just as soon as you really think about it.

It is sometimes they will talk to me and sometimes they won’t. Have you ever had the sign of people not talking to you occur when a confrontation that happened later went well? Ever be shunned and then approved of after a bad decision that in your gut you felt was bad?

The hindsight aligns, hence the saying it’s 20/20? You don’t have to wait for hindsight. The world gives you the insight now. People sense when your thinking is questionable, animals too, even the elements if you want to go that far.

I am sure I have been that sign for others, and animals are more sensitive then humans. You don’t have to choose to be a sign, and animals don’t resist it at all. They have no problem with being alive. It‘s just humans who would rather be dreaming than alive. Animals have their cake and eat it too.

The terrain of your future isn’t foggy. If anyone wants to volunteer their life right now, I can even discuss the landmarks you might not be seeing that will show where your future is going. No predictions please, just a description of your life conditions right now.

Ok, I understand. People find the future scary. This is why some people never learn to drive a car. That space right in front of the car can be really scary, but until you learn to see further you just won’t steer at all, and instead will be steered by someone else, or you will have very many crashes. We all learn either in the long or short run. We all have the vehicle of life. It’s in motion for all of us, and we can all see our now.

Some don’t learn to drive a car, because they can’t afford it. Or find anywhere to park the blasted thing! I prefer a broom! Broom works too. The principles would be the same, maybe with a little more depth. 3d goal setting is beyond most people and is really tiring/challenging.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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