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The rebel is a slave. You can breath deeply and declare yourself free. You are just watching another dance.

Weather The Storm in Renewal


Can a physical storm hit and not create a sensory/cognitive impression?

The electrical impulses zapping around our brain is like a storm. So where is the boundary between the physical storm and the cerebral ones?

Perhaps that’s why a storm feels like a mini renewal? A lot of people report a storm “clears their head”.

How do we weather psychic storms and come out renewed instead of lightning struck? What would happen if you stood out in a blizzard and spent the whole time yelling at it to stop being a blizzard?

You would freeze to death. How many “mind dead” people do you know friends? They have serious brain freeze and think they like it, because it means “I haven’t changed”. People who yell at the storm and like to repeat themselves. Dirt tends to stay dirt, but even the dirt changes over time if it stagnates too long.

I got to a point where I saw myself doing that, and it was very depressing to see. It’s actually dangerous to your psycho-biological health. Depression is frustrated process in the body-mind, but we can’t allow that to “break” us. I promise, a depressed person has been worse than broken. Broken would be a step up.

It is dangerous to avoid change? It is, but it is not wrong to seek equilibrium. To be healthy, we do need a balance point inside. In psychology, they call this balance point your “locus of control”.

How do we truly renew and still keep that balance point? The balance is lost because we attach our locus of control to the storm, whatever form of storm it is. We can endure if we see that the storm is just a process. It was there before and will come again, and that the only real harm that can befall us is if we ignore our center.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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