Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Storm Of Renewal in Renewal


The topic is renewal. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Renewal? To make new? Sounds refreshing, no?

People are terrified of it. It’s perhaps the state of being most avoided and treated like a plague. Nature/earth/God (what have you) has a process that is renewing. It’s also universal and people fear it. What renews a forest?

Fire. Yes, and winter. The Norse believed that the world was formed in fire and ice.

Humans? When we cut trees down and plant new ones? Yes, humans too. They are doing that exact same thing as the fire or winter. They don’t actually “create” the seed they plant. They just cause a shift in what was already present, but what about the personal level? When were you last renewed?

Birth? For many they haven’t experienced renewal beyond that, so yes.

I am renewed every time I wake up from sleep. Are you? Or do you just shift back into the same state you occupied in yesterdays waking phase?

Any big life change is an opportunity for renewal, like a divorce. True. Renewal happens when the circle is broken. That is the only time it happens.

Broken by force or choice? They are the same. The force of choice is one of many forces that play a part in natures balance, but we often refuse to acknowledge the “psychic” forces as having environmental substance. But the inner storm and the outer storm, what is really different? Anyone know a difference between a cerebral storm and a physical one?

Hmm… others don’t see our inner? They don’t? Really?

Some people love storms, others are terrified. Indeed. Even with cerebral storms there is a similarity. So are there differences?

No. Inner and outer interchange their energies. An active ionosphere has proven to have energizing effects on biology if it doesn’t injure it.

Let’s take an example of a psycho-social storm and how it affects the world. Mass hysteria they call it. How does that differ from a storm? It even leaves very physical devastation in its wake, riots, wars, various historical panics. Can you be untouched in your own mind/being when the world around you is in a panic? No. If we’re lucky we buffer ourselves, but we’re not untouched.

When a cerebral storm hits you get “all wet” unless you mitigate it, but still that does require action on your part.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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