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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

What are Your Practices? in Dark Practice

Dark Practice

There are people who don’t believe they have a practice. They are mistaken. In fact, they believe they don’t have a practice because they don’t have what they consider special experiences, spiritual epiphanies, paranormal contacts, things like that. Seeking these things is what creates the confusion. These people actually have the most powerful magick in the world. It’s so powerful that it is the dominant form of experience, and their practices support that. The force of it is awe inspiring, loud to the point of deafening. I feel that if this is really what people want to practice, why not immerse in it more? Refine the technique?

What is the experience you speak of? They call it real life, that force that even when unseen and unheard still sways us like a curse, like it’s the will of God.

It has loop holes, cracks in its armor, little glitches of human nature, of physical and spiritual nature. To use a movie metaphor, The Matrix really does have an anomaly, but not just one. There is no one single case. The structure is spider webbed with these cracks, like the old practice of divining by the cracks in a scorched turtle shell.

What is meant by anomaly? Flaw or exception to the rules of the system. Every rule set has exceptions. Matter, time and space are not the perfect solids they were thought to be. Euclid’s geometry is on par with a child’s set of blocks. We can play with them or not, as we choose.

I need to go practice lunch. It’s a good practice, but if I can delay you just a moment more? What are your practices? The facets of the crystal we call life that seem to pull you like gravity does your body?

Order. That works, others?

Maintaining my relationships and keeping in shape, though I fall down on that a lot. Pursuing a living, creating art. The keeping in shape then doesn’t serve as your core practice. What do you think of the notion that if you find your core practice, secondary practices will come more easily? People often fail at exercise regimens because they haven’t found their personal reason to stick with them. I keep with mine as a form of self-exploration. They illustrate those things I want to understand about myself very clearly.

My core practice is to make sure I always have choices. Having choices but never picking one, is that not a burden? Well, either I make it or it is made anyway. Perhaps your core practice is instead exploration?

We all have good practices at our core, vital and valuable practices. Styles of creativity differ. You are a connector. Another is an explorer, and one is an organizer. All are creative. Now if your outer tools of behavior match your inner practice, what would happen?

Harmony. Yes. Harmony, power, substance, vitality, life lived more fully.

I suppose a partner fills in those missing notes? They can, yes, and friends fill in the others. And the best ones sing with you forever. I would call them kindred spirits. Yes, they remain true to what brought them to your life.

You are meant to resonate with people, and they with you, but if you don’t have harmony in your practice? We see what happens when there is disharmony in practice. The right hand tries to stop the left hand from pulling down your pants in public, and one always wins over the other.

What does it mean for the friends that you have lost touch with? Sometimes the larger rhythm makes one note recede from the chord for a little while.

Or something they have done, even out of the desire to help, makes you not want to be their friend anymore? Sometimes it draws out a discordant influence all together. You will ultimately do what your will leads you to. You will ultimately act according to your inner nature, but whether that bull breaks all the china in the store, or just quietly finds its way out onto the street, that is up to you. You can be the peaceful bull by finding harmony with your own practice.

My nature is to avoid conflict and anything that creates bad vibes. Yet do you avoid it reliably? Not always, no. You can’t control someone else’s state, but with harmony in practice, you can even contribute by dampening the disharmony raised by any particular circumstance.

So being the one to touch the friend that has been out of touch? It can be in order, yes.

I think my practice has something to do with my strange ability to glide unimpeded through a crowd, perhaps that is an outgrowth of my order. I have witnessed that. It’s really weird. I will be pushing our shopping cart behind her, and though people were moving steadily and even standing close together, she will pass right between them, and they won’t even show any sign of disturbance. I tend to be on the lookout for negative reactions (it’s a social survival mechanism for me) and she doesn’t create a single one! It’s almost like she isn’t even there.

I think it stems from my core view of the world. All is order.

Those powers are available to everyone, but those linked to your core practice, not specifically hers.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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