Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

What Is Not Futile? in Futility


We are going to talk about futility. It has been on my mind a lot. I would start by asking, what isn’t futile?

  • Breathing? Is if you’re submersed in water.
  • The soul? Hmm, good response, and will go into that later.
  • I’m thinking of dishes and laundry, and how you get them clean and then dirty them again.
  • Hmmm, eating and being hungry again. Cycles, yes.

So what else isn’t futile?

  • Chocolate ice cream? Even the most pleasurable food is only a temporary fix. It‘s really a brief moment of experience in the total venue of your life.
  • Enjoying a walk in nature? Meditation. Practices are all futile are they not? That is if it’s a practice and not a being and doing. No matter what you do, from meditation to religious services, they are all just passing phases.
  • True unconditional love? Ah, another good response, and I will go with that one.
  • The word try …. Fuuuuutile. Anything we say we will try is just announcing that we will assign a great deal of drama to the action or non-action.
  • I admit I sometimes think how the entire act of life is pulling you into the grave, and everything we do is a futile attempt to crawl one step back from it. Cheery, huh? Well yes and no, but there is a substance to life that goes deeper than any passing diversion.

Futility is “pointlessness”, and yet we are told there are all these things we have to do in life. How many of them actually have a point?

Like, why bother? If it’s gonna be so fuuuuutile. Yes, and that is the important question, why bother? Why bother to do anything you do?

  • Because you enjoy it? Bingo, that’s one reason.
  • I’ve noticed that when looking back on work, I and everyone always says “it was the people that counted“, never the actual work done. Oh yes, the fleeting moments.
  • Yeah. Waste time kind of stuff, goin’ fishin’.

So why do we call those activities wasting time?

  • Because they don’t do much about nothing.
  • They are passing.

Ah, yes. They just have the effect of making our time and energy being spent a pleasant experience, but what makes any experience pleasant?

Work is often doing one thing and then in a year someone comes along and does something else that counters it. Indeed, digging in dry sand. Though in actuality digging in dry sand would likely be more fun.

Making Halloween decorations has no point other than fun. It’s only temporary also. Fun. I would say fun isn’t futile. It shows us things about our hearts and minds. Halloween was originally viewed as a holiday of communing with the ancestors. They don’t actually eat the food, but they grow by sharing in the presence of the feast.

This is pleasant to be here, because my brain cells think this will be good for it. Feeeeeels gooood. Fun is good for the stress levels. Though we belittle its value. It’s “irresponsible”. Fun is of the essence.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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