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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Where Is Your Soul? in Habit


We all, in the name of normality, seek to identify with everyone else, literally everyone else. The subconscious mind doesn’t make any distinctions. So you are Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, George W. Bush, Bill Gates, the Ayatollah of Iran, the leaders of every terrorist sect. You don’t have to choose to be these things. When you choose normality that is what you become. You become the bum down the street, and the wealthy snob who snubs their plea for help as they push their way by.

Where is the individual in this apex of society? Where is the soul in this enlightened age? The genuine mind? Have you seen one lately? I would love to talk with them. Who are you now my friends? What do you personally think in this very moment? Are you reading this text because you genuinely want to?

I am angry and frustrated and resentful of the trap I’m in. It’s a monkey trap, let go of the cookie. The more you grip security the more group think will walk right over you. Looked at objectively, how much can we accurately predict? Do we really, honestly know what is going to happen on any day?

It gets easier to lay down and let people keep doing the latest dance step right over your body. The latest fad. The current civic issue facing your community… Would it be any less valid if you personally decided what was important in your community? Maybe nobody cares about the litter in the parks, but what about you? Or perhaps the teens walking the streets aimlessly… Maybe you want to help your community see to them?

If no one is raising the children, what will they learn to do? They will learn the habits, all the biggest newest fads. They will fall right into habit right along side us. Sex, smoking, drugs, social abuses, violence, frivolous spending. They won’t want to think about it. Why would they? The ones who are actually in charge refuse to, so it must be bad. Is that not so? There can’t be any actual talking, because if they aren’t saying the expected thing, how do we treat them?

And we wonder why jails are over filled and don’t work to make the person better. Oh, the jailed are keeping up with their habits too, quite well. Plenty of reinforcement all around them. We put them together, and we judge teens as being little better. So naturally they gravitate to the music and media they can identify with. They are creatures of habit. We instinctually seek the norm. It doesn’t work for them because the collective mind is insane. Its center is lost.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insight on “Where Is Your Soul?”

  1. Bradley Sisolak

    this is really almost exactly fit to my frustrations and my newsest resolve. always a help and worth so much to me your insights. im currently sad but feel unwelcomed sad. is it real or misconception? both andthe misconception creates the reality too i think. im virginal to the emotion from never allowing it to speak to me. its running its coutse and i fear self pitty i suppose. but against the norm is my soul to speak. and i want to be alone with me for awhile.

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