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Word Magic in Bibliomancy


Bibliomancy is divination using books, or more specifically words. Some form of bibliomancy has existed for a long time, from runes to prophetic poetry.

Is all about the power of words … i ka ‘olelo ke ola, i ka ‘olelo ka make. In the words the life, the health. In the words, the misery, the death.

Like magic words? More like word magic. The idea that some words are magic and others are not usually gets people confused.

You don’t even need to say magic. It just happens in certain contexts and intents. It is what is put into the word and by whom and how. True. You don’t have to bring the magic into this.

Is it all in the power of suggestion? Actually, not really.

The Magi were lettered men for sure, but so were the Druids. Something called ogham script. And our Hawaiian Kahuna. Every word we have formed… Well, it’s sort of a mystery how it was ever formed. It’s said that words originated from the spirit world. Even science can’t really explain the evolution of human language, and science used to think that animals could understand no words. This has since been reversed.

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Words need breath to be spoken. The breath is a spirit of life, yes? Yes. 🙂 There are chant forms using breath in ancient, ancient ways.

They need intent to be written as well, and at one time the formulation of inks was more of an alchemical practise than a “science”. They looked for specific materials for their ink, and even the covers were made of special things.

What is used traditionally with Kahunas? A variety of materials. Take kukui, black shell of a seed burned a certain way from certain trees at certain places grown, becomes the powder for the ink for certain inscribing on certain kappa. This can range in purpose from totally ancient and barely understood, to ordinary daily (gasp!) profane use!

Before there was any issue with photography, it was believed that to capture a description of anything in words in a book was to capture the spirit of the thing described, and reading was letting you contact that spirit. One example was the creation of a phylactery.

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