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Wrong IMHO in Humble Opinion

The world is made up for the most part of morons and natural tyrants, sure of themselves, strong in their own opinions, never doubting anything. Clarence Darrow

Why People Are Like That Today: There is a disease that characterizes the “thinking” species on this planet. For all the peace we supposedly crave in this world, we spoil it as soon as we discover it. Any answer we can even conceive of finding is available to us, right now in the open, waiting to be had to the receptive mind. That is where most of it will remain, and it isn’t because humanity is too stupid.

On the contrary, the self-named homosapien is incredibly clever with an amazing knack for obfuscating the truth. They do this to prove how very clever they are, because the simple and obvious is entirely beneath such amazing intellects as theirs. To prove their godlike mental faculties, not only do all truths have to be mysteries to all but the chosen few, but if you do show such a foolish attitude as to place your trust in your experience just as it occurs to you, then you will just be WRONG! and heaven forbid anyone be found wrong. We can’t have that. It’ll drive the intellectual property values down.

If the average person can be found wrong, who else will?

In My Humble Opinion. What’s yours?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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