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Mana in Emotion


Would it be fair to say that “psychics” have one or more mana allergies? Some over sensitivity to various energies that spurs them into weird reactions? Over reactions, and likely antipathies, strange dislikes.

It is over reaction that only indicates dis harmony. True, with greater strength everything could be taken in stride. All the great seers have been deeply emotional people, or have been handled in such a way as to keep them in an emotional state. In the cases where the Oracle was kept involuntarily, they were often kept in a place that scared them or moved them to awe. This is why Greek temples were so dramatic in their architecture.

Society wants us to stay in fear mode. For instance, look at all the fear based commercialism. That is dis ease. Very true.

In the stories, the psychic loses control of their ability when pushed emotionally. If mana is used in those abilities, this would imply a connection between emotion and use of mana? Arguably, emotion and psychic energy are just their own forms of mana. If I’m not mistaken, an observation of someone else’s mana is sort of like a combination of a psychological sense for the person, and a sensitivity to how they relate to and affect things.

Mana has tools to be used. Mana is the assemblage of the whole package with pieces, if you will, to be called upon as needed. We are only as whole as our parts are in harmonious conjunction. The health of mana is nurtured by life, experience, learning, communing etc. A hula master has much more mana than the student. Indeed, as they have grown heavy with the power/potential of hula.

What if the persons personal mana seems to clash with the energy/emotion of another living thing or a place? Ah, then we have ho’oponopono, a system of conflict resolution. That is very complex. An individual exhibiting such symptoms, as you describe, is approached as individual first. But then the things that orbit around her are brought into the treatments; family, friends, events, etc. If their states of wellness are out of whack, they too are addressed.

Is it fair to say that our emotions, at least in a way, are received by us rather than generated by us? They come from within our bodies and from outer stimulus, both. Our bodies have their own work so to speak. Because those are one? Not necessarily one. As the base root of it ALL, yes, we are One. Yet we are in individual casings so to speak, which can be a great fooler leading us to believe we are alone.

(Much thanks to my Hawaiian friend for her contribution in this series on emotion and her other valuable insights.)

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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