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Emotion Is Reality in Emotion


There is more serenity in emotion. I actually get very calm, and in fact, they have tested peoples perceptual clarity when they are angry. They discovered if you’re in a bad mood, your mind is very clear.

I imagine only if you’re not emotionally retentive? True, if you are retentive of anger it will lose its context. There is a difference between feeling and acting out, very true, which isn’t clarity of mind. I have been so angry I had to make peace. I made it angrily and it is finished well. This is what changed my relationship to anger, when the anger defeated itself. I get very quiet and just listen, almost like a predator listening to its prey. But what I’m hunting is not them, it’s peace with them. The watcher fulfills their own suspicions if the watched is not aware. If the watched is aware, then the person watched is actually the one who has power.

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If I intend anything to be taken from my posts on emotion is that they, like imagination, are your reality. In fact, it occurred to me, people often dismiss emotion because it’s “in the past”. But what do you know and what can you think about, but things that are in your past? Can you think on things that aren’t in your experience? It’s possible you can think on things that occurred to you just a moment ago, but that’s still your past.

The trick is what do you retain? What do you let go to the divine sources of being? I think you retain what you let your awareness dwell on. If your awareness dwells on essences then nothing needs to be fixed, because nothing is fixed and everything is alive and responsive. At any time, you are either informing things or deforming things.

Or reforming, too. Yes, and reformation in its time and place is sacred.

The darkness issues hold this culture in its grip: fear, individual, collective. Anger, hate, too. Deformation needing reformation. You are deforming things when you are focused on what they are not.

Reforming things when the emotional charge goes, and you can see what is? You reform something when you see it as a resource. You re-source it, and well… Informing is peaceful. You inform things when you give attention/respect/veneration.

In a sense, those who say “It’s in the past” regarding emotion, are forever living in the past. Yes, because emotion is self. Energy is self and your emotion is your energy. If you won’t reclaim it, you won’t change it. Dance and chant can unlock it, if done with that intent.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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