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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Transformation in Emotion


I can now go into transformation. What causes any molecule to transform?

Too many or too few bonds? Atoms get added or removed? In part, but in a theoretical vacuum (which don’t actually exist by the way), they would not transform on their own. Exchanges of energy cause molecular transformation. The point is, that the hypothetical decay of matter doesn’t play into transformation. Long story short, there is no destruction, but in human experience how are we aware of receiving energy?

Feeling? Feeling, yes. All of the senses which collectively we call consciousness. We do not “control” consciousness, we cannot. It has its set form and function, but the core catalytic consciousness that is often called the observer can direct it. They call this deliberate action, “focus”, and focus has a cumulative effect on our personal energy potential “charge” which we subsequently discharge into the very material field we call “reality.” You don’t create the world. That idea is just a logistical snarl. You create you, but you are the world.

I’ve heard one idea that to transform we simply have to observe and experience emotion and transformation happens. Is that what you’re saying? It goes a bit farther than that. Not only do we need to observe and experience emotion to create transformation, but we can observe the range of emotion and the faculty we have of choice. The arbitrary notion of choice is a lie. You don’t “just choose.” You have chosen something when your energy enters resonance with a domain of energies in reality.

Train our focus to engage desirable emotion? Yes, but we can only discern desirable states of being by permitting holistic awareness, and then systematically cycling elements into focus.

Sounds a bit like mindfulness. Sounds a lot like mindfulness, because that’s what it is. But it’s not just mindfulness, I am also offering the why.

Which brings up a scene that is illustrative. Have we all seen the Matrix movies? In perhaps the most important encounter of the plot line, Neo has a conversation with the Oracle when he is talking about being “the one” and questioning the concept of fate. He bristled at it, naturally, but the Oracle explained a deep truth. The mystery of what moves us is not how does it move us. The mystery of power is not how it works, but why. He wasn’t trying to make up his mind about what he would do in his last encounter with the Oracle, that was already decided. It was part and parcel of his being. He was trying to understand why, see his “bigger self”, struggled to see how he was “the one.”

Well, my friends, you are all “the one”, and there hasn’t been a single lineage of them. There are countless lines. What does this all mean about emotion? It means that the sense of meaning in life is right under your nose. Your purpose is readily available to you, and the emotions that people call “ego” are only a burden if they are locked in retentive behaviour. Your state of being is yours to decide. It just takes your choosing to reorder your focus habits.

Before we do that we need to clear a lot of retained stuff? Not clear as in disconnect. Reality works by connections. It is more a “digestion” of the retained energy so it can return to its natural and proper “liquid asset” state.

Like those bouts of emotions that pour out of us for seemingly no reason. We’re cut off in traffic and suddenly it’s WWIII and we wonder where that came from. Yes. That dis-ease is the product of retentive habits. It can be summarized as “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” You just need to eat it and grow, even if it means you have to “eat crow.” Any emotion you refuse to have you retain. Any emotion you allow yourself to have you will digest.

That reminds me of the tagline from a movie: The Stuff. Are you eating it or is it eating you? Good correlation, and the stuff is emotion. For most people, due to poorly developed awareness they have “the stuff” eating them, but this is not a fault inherent to emotion. If I hit you with a flow of electricity and your body is “retentive”, you will fry. If I hit you with the same and your body is conductive, it is also known as conducive or expressive.

Grounding, like for a circuit, helps doesn’t it? Then the excess can flow off. And you can only ground in awareness. With every belief of “I’m a closed system” and “That is not me”, you fry just a bit more.

See the Star Wars films? I find it interesting that when you bottom line all mystical/spiritual systems, they come down to emotion. What it is. What it will do in you. What to do with it, etc. Ever notice that? It’s not invalid of course, this focus. Quite the opposite. It is perhaps the only way they could be in any way valid.

It is how others motivate us. True. With sufficient understanding, they have discovered you can more or less program someone else, at least for the short term, and they will try to please you. We have a need to please others. A manifestation of the herd instinct, but as I said earlier, emotions are about connection and not a desire as people define it. Emotions are a real actual need to connect.

We don’t really orient well as individuals. This is why, when someone doesn’t have that instinct for herd function, they label it a disorder. Call it autism. Autism = self absorbed. It has literally no other meaning.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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