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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Emotional Distortion in Emotion


Can emotion be linked to our instincts or vice versa? Oh, indeed. It can be linked to that, but on to the confusion before we get to the clarity.

The information, the light that allows us to see, the chemicals that let us smell and taste, the vibratory behaviour of matter that lets us touch things, and hear things as well, these don’t get turned into emotion. They are emotion. The emotional pattern is in the energy and only presents itself to your awareness as you come into contact with it. Evidence to the point: The smell of ones partner alone, or of an attractive individual, can produce lust or sentimentality, as happens when people smell babies.

More than smell I think, energy also. Yes, all energy. The energy itself is emotion. Now, how do we get so confused? How do things get so personal? Well, for the first part, we have little awareness of the “self” process. So it operates without our awareness, as self doesn’t require awareness to exist. It is more a function of quantum gravity. Quantum gravity = love, but we aren’t meant to sit around and be roots without fruit. Just because quantum gravity/love is the essence of beingness, doesn’t mean we are not meant to be conscious.

Meaning self isn’t an object? Meaning exactly that. We treat it as one? Yes. Which just means we get horribly confused, which is what leads to the question: Is there such a thing as over reaction? No, but there is such a thing as retentive behaviour. The only emotional distortion is retentive behaviour.

The “I can’t feel that now” attitude? Holding on too tightly? Exactly, and false identification with one emotion or a limited set of emotions. Emotions are not just energy in motion, moving us. They are potential energy also, and moved by us. We are capacitors trying to be batteries, and because we insist on seeing ourselves as batteries we can be drained. A capacitor is just a holding cell. It doesn’t generate.

Battery generates? More literally, they degenerate. This is why they can drain. They lose their potential energy.

We should let emotions in and let them release vs. storing them up and then at times having them drain all at once? It would be better management. If we do not, we cause the information of our minds to degenerate. We compromise memory. This has been proven true, even scientifically. The most obvious indicator of an emotional disorder is memory degradation, repression, etc.

The worse thing I think we hear is “You have no reason to feel that.” It would be more accurate to say one has no reason to think something, because it’s the use or abuse of awareness that leads to incoherency. It has nothing to do with emotional nature.

Thought police? The only thought police that matters is the brains own natural behaviour. It’s instinct to find coherence, consistency. Thought can be discontinuous.

I think the harmful thing is believing that crying is only for babies, or any strong emotion. Oh, that’s a very harmful thing, as well as thinking you should feel anything other than you actually feel at any moment.

Men are taught to ignore pretty much anything emotional. I think we really mess up our boys when we teach them how to be “tough.” The teachings males get about emotion are very likely a reason why males don’t survive as long, or as well, as females. They even have a higher degree of successful suicide.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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