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You Remember in Underworld


I always wondered what the point is if you don’t remember the lessons, good or bad? You do indeed remember the lessons. You embody them. Your memory is not something you have and can lose. It’s something you are. That collective memory shared between all of humanity, even the memory footprint you leave on the earth itself.

Well… You don’t actually leave anything. You don’t get to get out. The memory is your eternal body. It is your immortality, and will be affecting probability from now on, with the exception perhaps of a rewrite you do. By taking another stab at this level of existence, realizing that you really do need to go with the rest of the lemmings, perhaps remembering why as you fall back into matter yet again. I think everyone remembers a little bit.

We take another stab at the same life? It can be what people consider the same life. There is no such thing as time. Space is simply folded, much like your brain, so you might focus attention here again, or you might choose a different path to look at.

There is a concept called cheating the ferryman. Our perception of time is a function of our consciousness, and time can seem to speed or slow according to our state of being or mind at the time. When we reach that threshold we would call death, our life plays out before our eyes. But here is the really weird part, it plays out in the same way and at the same speed as the supposedly first life did. So when the replay comes around again, you get the same amount of time yet again. This is part of why you experience deja-vu.

Eventually, the modification is so radical that the original balance of forces behind it has shifted. Each time your life replays, you make a subtly different decision perhaps without realizing why. This is subconscious and perhaps the basis of intuition. Eventually, you make so many different decisions that the energy that started you off on that road is rebalanced, and you outgrow that path all together.

We do it in our dreams to some degree, but more powerful shifts have to happen in the between state. Buddhists called this the bardo. It’s the ultimate twilight state. The twilight state being that dreamy state of mind you get into just before you actually fall asleep. Eventually, instead of falling asleep, you finally fall awake.

They say staying aware in that bardo state is exponentially beneficial to awakening. People do often recall bits of it. This is why we dream of things they describe in the Book of the Dead even without realizing that is what it is. It usually takes a while to put it all together.

Can’t you train your mind to remember more? You can, indeed. This is why they are so keen on meditation as well as a good many rituals. Sort of like retracing your footsteps to remember where you mislaid your keys, but with physical metaphor instead.

Much of the underworld symbolism is a memory key like the three headed hound. Cerberus is the symbol of the cynic. Cynic in Greek originally meant dog or dog like. The one who can enter into the mind of the cynic can enter the gates of the underworld freely, when of course this cynic seer has come to see the way of the darkness in all three domains, their past, their present, and their future.

A bit of clarity regarding the cynic mindset though. It is not negative. It even has nothing to do with actually believing in evil, at least not in any absolute sense. The cynic is a spiritual minimalist. They embrace the truths of the lowest common denominator. This is why they so readily follow death into the underworld. It’s easy for the cynic to accept that we all live and then we die. Even easy to accept that we might all live again. Some people find that very disturbing. That more than death itself.

There is much more to the underworld than this, but much must be understood by experience.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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