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Relativity is inherently the denial of realism. It denies shared experience.

How Will You Walk The Path? in Underworld


We all bear emotional scars. We all have traces of suffering in our memories. To the degree that we hang our hearts on these things, our spirit is shaped by them, and the most obsessive beings continue to linger in the underworld with appearances that reflect the things that were most meaningful for them in life. The wailer has her children. The slayer has his playmates, and the dealer has his sweat shop workers. We see these spirits in our dreams even if we aren’t well attuned to the underworld, because we all have nightmares from time to time. Sometimes it’s even one of our loved ones.

Death stands in the darkness as well as the world. In the fullness of time, any passion may die and a soul be released from the underworld. So death is a trustworthy guide. He’s a big fan of life. It’s why he serves it so loyally and any form of surrender is his hand in the worlds. He actually stands in all three worlds.

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Is this a surrender of individual awareness? Actually, no. It’s a surrender to individual awareness. Most people haven’t experienced individual awareness yet. It’s frightening. It’s often mistaken for death, because we see quite clearly that the symbols and self images are all lies, and that even our relationships, as meaningful as they are, do not fully define us.

When we fear we are nothing at all. That is when we have true individual awareness. You don’t fear the dark. You don’t fear pain or lies or shame. What you fear is that it all had no meaning, that it ultimately didn’t matter. Well, I can assure you it matters and it shows up in your matter, in your flesh, in your face, and in the things you do in this world.

What the question is, is not whether you will rise or fall, but where will you choose to go? How will you walk the path that opens before you, as well as what marks you will leave on the path after you? After the you, you know now, doesn’t remember how you will be remembered. It doesn’t even matter how you are perceived now, because you remember and always will, and sooner or later you will see deeply where before you saw only superficially. The awe that arises from this is indescribable.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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