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Want to be great? Want to be a marvellous success? Be willing to be an utter failure, and realize that neither is you. You are powerful beyond measure. Fearing making mistakes is also fearing miracles.

Your Fear Ally in Fear


Fear is a fundamental part of life’s meaning, and fear and love are not opposites. Instinctively, we have both emotions as a part of a dynamic that has been called biophilia.

The brains neural net is much more plastic than they originally thought, and the frontal lobes can have a moderating effect on all other processes. It’s a frontal lobe condition when we experience psycho-somatic blindness or deafness. The evils that feed off of fear in our minds actually have their origin in the frontal lobes, in the supposed center of reason. Whatever your phobia and anxiety, you do have a reason for it, though you also may have a conditioned denial of the reason.

Then you are saying that while the fear isn’t evil, it is evil’s food? It can be a food for evil, yes, as most emotional and spiritual energy can be. The quest to rid oneself of fear will very deeply immerse your thinking in the patterns that spawn fear.

From my own experience, that was one of the first developmental challenges that I faced, and it retarded my progress in a lot of other areas. It spread so far as to eventually characterize the entirety of my thinking. An interesting thing happens when fear is blown out of proportion like that. It loses the balance it needs to retain its sense of meaning.

The reason people find fear so challenging is they invest a great deal of time and energy in trying to preserve that perception of the world that gives fear meaning. So it seems like a constant tug of war for control of our minds, does it not?

It is validated a lot by people. Oh, yes. It’s in many institutions best interests to feed you the fear code they have scripted. This gives their role in your life meaning. It makes you continue to believe in their value.

Fear is a great way of controlling people. Indeed, it is, and part of the reason for that is individuals don’t know how to make it their ally. If fear is not your ally, other powers will make it theirs. It’s not even about controlling fear. Controlling fear is like trying to control your house pet. If you try to treat kitty or doggy as a remote control toy, they will lose their mind. But what you can do is come to watch fear very closely. Live with it and not as it.

Your fear seems to be able to control you, because you have come to identify with a world defined by it, and by the shepards that understand the nature of the fear animal better than you do.

Do you let your fear control you, or use it? You don’t actually even use fear. You watch it and learn from it. The fear animal seen in its element has a valuable wisdom. Early humanity discovered a lot of its survival tricks, and even more complicated skills, from watching other species. Every branch of kung-fu stems from this system of observation. Well, you can practice the internal art of fear-fu. Everything you ever feel, and everything you would want to do, has an element of fear in it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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