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If everything seems meaningless, then you’re way off center.

Fears Blind Spots in Fear


Fear can be trained in kung fu to be awareness of set point and twitch point. When you twitch vs. the other person’s twitching. Indeed, kung fu is a good way to train your fear, and it is a good practice to train your fear. Your fear doesn’t actually want to do you any harm.

Fear can be an easier ally to work with than love, because fear is louder. Fear is easier to track through the subconscious overgrowth.

I think we should feed it some pancake balls and make it too full and happy to bother us. Some people try to do exactly that. Generally, it leads to over eating. In fact, name the compulsive behaviour and I can tell you how fear is feeding that.

Love can be easy to define, but it isn’t easy to put words to. As you watch your fear, you will come to notice that it has periods of rest, if you aren’t constantly beating the brush with your thinking. People look for fear, and it’s afraid of you. That’s why it obeys you so well. You go left and it goes right. Ever notice fear seems to mirror your every intention and does an equal and opposite thing? You can come to anticipate any move your fear could make. It’s very predictable.

You naturally crouch when threatened, so many martial arts moves come from a crouch. Body movements are a great way to see spiritual energy, emotions, spirits, very clearly. But fear has blind spots, if you will. Places it never goes, but you can go freely.

Where? Your loves. You may not even be consciously aware of your loves, though you are likely at least semi-conscious of your fear. Fear never goes into your loves, because when you are there, the spirit takes on an entirely different character. You don’t recognize it as just the same spirit transformed.

The frightened baby is always soothed by its mother. Well, usually, unless mom is scary. I will try to keep the personal anecdote brief, as they might be tedious. Autism as a developmental disorder is characterized by a failure to bond at even the most primal levels. The simple reason is because the systems responsible present a scrambled set of sense impressions about mommy. Long story short, mommy is scary.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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