Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Yours To Shape in Strategy


The topic is strategy, and specifically strategy as it relates to spirituality. I will ask you friends, Do you feel strategy has a place in your spiritual lives?

Mine has seemed characterized by chaos. Chaos has its advantages. Some of the wisest Sages were known for making the chaos factor primary in their understanding.

Your life has as its substance energy. Energy of whatever character you care to apply. Not relevant to this specific topic, but energy is synonymous with tension. We know low energy states only by the lack of any tension or drives.

Of the wide world of energy, what matters most to us in our daily lives in human energy. Our own and that of others, but there is no energy without intention. You have intentions, even if it’s just to eat when you need to and sleep when you need to. They can be very minimal. Degree isn’t relevant, but you don’t deal with just your own intention in your life. You live in a world where there are other people with other intentions, and their decisions will affect you. Again, the matter of degree isn’t really relevant.

The world has many paths in it, but the paths are not truly numberless. Even if there are subtle shades of difference between one persons view and another’s. We all live in this same world, and we all find ways to deal with the same things. There are only so many ways to deal with any specific thing.

But different paths will surely leave different residues in your personality. Indeed, they will, and this is as it should be. But you are never alone in your own boat.

Are all paths equal if they ultimately lead to the same “place”? The idea of equality is the reason all paths are not equal. Equality. The motivation to equalize.

Vs. equity? Yes, well said. Equity is an awareness of investment. How much we have given to the world and our path. But if your path is self defined, what is its point? If it’s just an arbitrary choice you made, then what truth can it serve?

Is a self-defined path more pure? No. A self defined path is delusional.

It’s point is an orientation toward the goal. I feel no choices are arbitrary. I feel that everything matters. You point out something that’s very important. There is a real world we are dealing with. There is a dynamic process that serves the well being of both us as individuals and the world at large. Everything does matter, but as they say, the “devil” is in the details and our societies have been abdicating responsibility for choice. They teach an abstraction as a substitute for a real world. They say you must do as their strategy dictates because “That’s just the way the world is”, or even worse because “It’s God’s will”. We live in this world, but we make for ourselves another with models that have nothing to do with reality… governments, religions. We have and still are killing to somehow “prove” the truth of these prejudices.

Those models are hand holds in the interminable ladder? They are, and we need to wake up and realize we are on a ladder. The elevator operator is out to lunch. We actually have to push our own buttons.

I feel that the ladder is not so indeterminate. I have seen and can point out a specific hierarchy. But I do agree that it is not set in stone. Oh, there is an order to things, yes, but rigidity doesn’t serve our lives.

It is not your own buttons, but pre-programmed ones? Even the idea of programming is a lie. All that you are is yours to shape. This is why you have the presence of mind to even reflect on it. You need bow your knee to no outside authority, not for any arbitrary reason.

We have to start climbing? Climb with a strategy? Yes. You take the next step by knowing it’s there to take. Ladder is a metaphor. It’s actually more open than that. If anything, a better model would be a web.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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