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Live your life. I said live it! Live it, or I will give you a dirty look I swear…as everyone wanders off ignoring the crazy person.

Plan To Express in Strategy


If you talk about strategy, that implies rules but not yours? Strategy only implies planning. A strategy is a plan to deal with elements not of your making. Otherwise it would be a blueprint, and does anything about life seem to be confined to a blueprint? The blueprint notion failed. Gods “plan”, as an argument to create community unity, got humanity where?

All traditions were strategies that were believed to be at least good approximations of how best to deal with reality as a whole. The elements are not yours, but the planning … Now the planning can be. This is why I chose the topic of Strategy today. A very many traditions put the ordering outside of our reach.

The planning is only a set of alternative decisions to make? It is yes, and we can choose this still coherent alternative set of decisions, because we are better served by allowing for our inner nature or spirits to be expressed in the world rather than subdued to conform to a mold they cannot properly fill. This world is manifest in contours. Time space curvature. Even time is recursive in a fractal pattern.

Is the current system working for the best interest of humanity and life as a whole, friends? Institutions as they stand? And for individuals as individuals, for the ecosystems? Which could be argued to be the natural and perhaps only proper “institutions”, but even those are better served by selective change.

The whole of humanity is not my concern. The whole of humanity is defining the reality you deal with daily.

Selective Change. Normally, a change comes about to heal, restore harmony with the whole. A less dramatic example than extinction would be interbreeding, another would be mutation. These things can remove facets of the pre-existing ecosystem from any recognizable presence, but there is no break in continuity. The greater life is not compromised. The world right now is beginning what would seem to be very strange shifts in its nature. They are not accident. We are not the only ones who plan. We are just the most aggressive planners. We can adapt out of aggression. We need to if we are going to survive.

But both mutation and extinction are not necessarily healing changes. Mutation may or may not be a positive change. It only becomes positive/healing in relation to desired traits? Desired traits are not selected for by the individual species. What might not seem to serve the species itself does serve the planet. This part of things is a vast topic by itself, but not my intention for today.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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