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A Word for all Times in Word

Your Word

Why do we swear we will keep our word? Why do we ever promise people anything? Because we believe we are special to them perhaps?

To perpetuate sameness?

Make ourselves look special?

And yet that in the end leads to what? It’s often asked, “Have I ever let you down?” Is it not?

It is. So few people can say that honestly.

What is that person really asking? Perhaps they are asking, have I ever failed to sacrifice myself when you asked me to? Have you met a person who could claim to never let someone down who was also happy? Is there ever a happy hero?

No, others are always a disappointment to them.

I am not trying to save anyone with my classes. They are just jam sessions, rehearsals. I put out my sound, as uncomfortable as that may be for me at times as I occasionally get really discordant feedback, but not always.

You feel your own sound inside yourself. This is your real world, word even, a word for all times, for all beings. The one word you are meant to actually give. The one thing that your living body and brain grew to allow you to express. For me, it is easiest to understand as sound and language, lexical expression as well as visceral. For you, it may be kinesthetic, feeling an urge to move, to move to specific places, not move through the process of doing specific things. For others, it may be a sense of empathy, an urge to nurture, to coax forth growth in the individuals and even living situations. You can nurture a situation. You can even nurture a creative idea, an invention. Artists often describe their created works as being their children. Your word can manifest in any of the various ways you are aware of your body, and it will likely incorporate more than one, different modes at different times. You may have a need to see, to search, to examine and make certain you have seen a complete picture, a whole system.

Now I mentioned this being related to who you are, who you really are versus ideas of who you are. No two people experience the same thing in the same way, and they go through different phases in different cycles. Some may even seem dominant but will submerge when you experience a major life change. I have been dominantly audio for a very long time, but have been exploring the full range of how I can consciously control these things. So that may change as I move closer to the heart of my song, of the energy that motivates me and expresses as me. You exist not as a static object, but as a process.

Now to get back to the point, how those phases cycle, how your signal weaves with itself, impacts and differentiates itself from other examples of this energy. You are meant to contribute your own frequency, because what we share is an amplitude. Amplitude = memory. The constructive interaction between all signals, or ideally constructive. Right now we are shaking our world with dissonance. The reverb is awful, poisonous, and well, we have a lot of decay to show for it. You can’t ignore the world sound just because you are in love with the idea that you know better. That is why they speak of science as being a series of discoveries rather than inventions. What do we do with what we discover? What dictates that?

Our “word”? Self awareness? Keen consideration and sensitivity to the greater good?

No, greed, selfishness… Self-ishness. Keeping the memory of that simulation. Keeping in touch with the American dream. Keeping the faith in “progress.” Everything will get better someday. We keep telling ourselves that. When is someday?

Noise noise noise! Yes. It has to be controlled, harmonized. We don’t have to silence our voice, but we do have to remain aware of it, keep response-ability in regard to it. So, has someday gotten any closer?

It doesn’t look like it. Things will get better when we ourselves are better. We will make better technology to serve better purposes and to better support our well being when we understand our ability to change, become fully aware of what it means to be changing beings.

In natural systems, there is “harmonic resonance” – alignment (as with a piano, octaves, etc.) Are you suggesting that we do something like that? I am indeed.

There is also something called conformance behaviour. A stronger more ordered structure will begin to make a weaker more disordered structure begin to behave like it does. This happens in chemistry, physics and even DNA all the time. They have found that two split strands of DNA, over what is effectively empty space, water, no protient molecules for it to read, can still sense another DNA strand and will align itself in such a way as to come as close as possible to being able to bond with it as close as it is able. What do you think?

This reminds me of the work of Viktor Schauberger. I am not familiar with his work.

Amazing stuff… copying nature’s ways in mechanical systems of all sorts, generating energy, etc. Excellent, I wish him all the best success then.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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