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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

First Promise to Ourselves in Word

Your Word

You don’t have one word, you have two. Most people wind up “speaking with a forked tongue.” Animals detect this, very young children detect this, autistic individuals detect this.

Yes, when I was young I found so many adults to be off-putting.

For all the sophistication and control, for all the speed and clarity exhibited by the neurotypical mind, you start communicating the very first time anything registers on your brain. An infants cry is communication. Their reach toward a care taker. Their reactions toward novel stimuli is to approach and investigate or retreat and shield. These are all true to self, especially the interest in novelty. In fact, the first promise to ourselves we all made was that we would continue to seek out and enjoy novelty even if we didn’t put it in words. We thrived in that. We lived and breathed that raw experience. We also betray this promise, why?

Attention is instantly drawn to the novel, yes.

We learn that things hurt us, yes, but we learn that early. The bright light hurts our eyes, so we roll over. We can do that even before we walk. If we fall it hurts, but we still want to explore, to investigate. Pain doesn’t really matter at that point, and they have found it still doesn’t really matter in adults either.

We see others judge us when we’re truly novel. Even when they say they admire it, they judge it negatively.

What does matter, takes precedence even in testing, is emotional pain. The brain reacts to how we feel about something much more than it reacts to whatever it was we sensed. The sensations are simple and easy and mostly the brain doesn’t get stuck on them.

So what leads us to feel about things as we do? Even science doesn’t support that it’s literal experience as much as we swear otherwise. Why do you feel you are where you are in life?

How we think others will think about us? See that noise I was mentioning earlier?

Myself, I love music. I can enjoy a complex beat, a intricate interwoven melody. Nature provides this for me. Each animal behaves according to it’s nature. The rhythms of the planet’s life flows as well as the influence of the sun and moon. It’s beautiful really, and plenty of room for growth, learning, really a vast endless field ripe for imprinting. Animals depend on imprinting for their survival, the perpetuation of their species, keeping the information integrity that has helped them thrive for as long as they have, but well, that imprinting knows no limitations. They have evolved no defence against noise. There was no reason before to anticipate it would emerge.

They are awakening from their harmonious dream of course. All life on this planet is changing and quickly. Humans are changing the least readily, still holding to what it was they created. They think it makes them special.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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