What evil would arise in sex if people just accepted it? What evil would arise in exotic senses of self if they were just accepted? What harm?

Ability to Adapt in Adaptation


Why do we want safety from social contact? Is that adaption?

Perhaps adaption in an unhealthy way, but I prefer it many times. Removal from the environment is adaption to the environment? Denial is adaptive?

Well, I want to get my looks out of the equation for a while. Many people are here (Second Life virtual world) for the same reason or have an illness. Yes. This drew me to trying Second Life. I otherwise would not have taken much of an interest, but I wanted to learn if it was my seeming or my reality that caused the split between me and others.

What did you learn? That it has nothing to do with me, and that people react more to their own state and what’s going on in their heads than my looks or behaviour.

Very true. People make large assumptions. So I began exploring those assumptions. They are plainly visible in Second Life.

They project their own fears and expectations onto others. Is everyone adapting?

Is living adapting? No. It’s just persisting, and if you persist alone that leads where?

Madness? How common is madness these days? Is madness successful adaption? There is even a book out now called the “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” and it explores how psychopathy is a spectrum, and how on some levels it’s an asset. But what would the long term outcomes be?

Financial success. Fiscal cliff? Bank fraud? Government corruption? So what will that do to humanity as a whole?

Collapse. Is that how we describe a well-adapted organism?

Nope. So how well do people as individuals adapt? Can we adapt as a species well if as individuals we do not?

I can see it both ways. How so? Some individuals adapt really well, some cultures don’t, and vice versa.

What would you say the average person is like adaptively?

Poor, hence the madness and denial mentioned earlier.

I think we underestimate ourselves. I mean people do that and then accept it. What are the consequences of underestimating ourselves?

We don’t even try to adapt. Can one’s ability to adapt be examined objectively as a concrete factor?

We have poor self-esteem as a race. If you hear ”You can’t” often enough, you believe it.

Well, let’s throw in a little science here. The process of exercising willpower has been examined, and they find if you have to continuously do so it will inevitably fatigue. Also, to the degree that you feel those you are working with are untrustworthy, your own self-control will falter. Why is this?

Because he feels he has to. If you think you are in a dog eat dog environment, will you be disciplined?

You will become a hungry dog. Ravenous, and with the nature of social interaction, also rabid. Memetic infection. All the sick social slogans that people define social interaction with.

The process of willing everything requires a lot of verification seeking. It’s this that becomes exhausting, acting under the duress of the perpetual knowledge of ignorance. Does such a creature have self-control?

The self-control becomes out of control. They did a study on the process of focus on NASA astronauts. It turns out there are two types of focus. Focusing on the task and focusing on the process of focusing. Ah yes, the latter is degenerative, yes?

Yes. The latter is the epitome of distraction and yet it is focus. Yes. In fact, hypnosis as a phenomenon is related to focus, and not really at all like sleep.

So why can some people hypnotize you and others can’t? It’s receptivity to hypnosis. It’s not that the hypnotists can hypnotise, but that the subject can be hypnotised.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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