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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Effects of Casual Interaction in Adaptation


Let’s take this back from the broadly general and global level and look at things on a human level again. What is the basis of most human relationships?

I’d say common interest. Is that so? How many people do you hold and acknowledge common interests with?

Sex? Sex is as basic as it gets. You see mutualism and parasitism even in sexual relationships. Which is more common in today’s world? Over the top examples of sex on that spectrum would be consensual sex versus rape, rape being parasitism. Is that fair to say? Toward what end of the spectrum would you say casual sex falls?

Well, most relationships, I guess, are interactions where you have something you want to exchange, money for product or service.

People think mutualism, but I think it’s usually parasitism when looked at more closely. Other thoughts? Perhaps sex isn’t a good example?

I think casual sex is mutualism as long as both parties are getting what they want from the interaction.

The consequences of sexual activity naturally are what?

Pregnancy and disease. This is mutualism? Adaptation would require acknowledgement of concrete conditions, yes? Biology has it that sex leads to pregnancy, and rampant sexual interaction is an excellent vector for contagion. Perhaps the best vector for transmission it has, but how about the psychological level? What are the consequences of casual intellectual intercourse?

How come other animals don’t get STDs or do they? They do. Other mammals can get HIV, right? Yes, and they do die from it though perhaps not as readily as humans do.

We are having casual intellectual intercourse right now and I feel violated.

But it is mutual so not violation. It is a welcome pleasure.

This situation is exchange with a purpose, if not always a solid or strong purpose. We come together to share an effort and understanding of our lives and the world around us. Is this fair to say?

Yes. It doesn’t need to be strong in that case. Too much information would be stress.

What is casual social intercourse like?

How’s the weather? Nice day.

How do these things generally affect us? Do you generally benefit just because someone said hello? Do you grow because someone was polite to you?

Sometimes, yes. How so?

If there is a bit of a smile to it, I can feel a bit happier.

If loved one says hi to me, I get a warm feeling and sometimes that’s all I need.

Sympathetic reaction, a sort of unconscious mutualism, but is it always positive?

Well, it tells me I’m being cared about even by someone I don’t know.

There is personal space invasion. The line between polite and in your face.

How about internet contact at large?

Internet is safer, generally, or is perceived to be so.

Superficial soap box.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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