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Absent the Mind in Depression

Rough Day

What do you choose? And this question is for anyone, what do you choose? Do you choose what is on your mind as they commonly say?

It’s hard to do so. Often I need to do things while they are on my mind or they don’t get done.

I am thinking of that Marcus Aurelius line, “Nothing human is alien.” Nothing alienated is human. ¬†Are we not extensively alienated¬†as a current society?

How well can you keep up with the behaviour of your mind as you have been taught to experience it? Does it go on without you?

I think so. Your rough days always have that as a characteristic, no exceptions.

On a depressed day, do you have your depression or does your depression have you?

Depression certainly has me. You believe in the meaning of the brains behaviour. The brain left to behave on its own, to flex and twitch and spasm at every stimuli, has no meaning. It can’t even begin to grasp meaning, but it can give you a very stimulating collage of sensation. That is all it gives you. This is no different than an upset stomach.

You have come to distrust and ignore your mind in favour of this drama queen of a brain. It does its job well up to a point. What the brain cannot do is preserve integrity, cohesion or coherency. So when you absent the mind, the little parts of the body colony just go their not so merry way and each makes the others suffer. That’s what gives rise to cancer. It’s healthy and strong tissue and it is genetically your tissue, but it has ignored all the rest of your body. It can’t do anything else.

So how this relates to the mind, and dealing with depression, as well as other mental limitations. Well, the brain is like a suit of clothes, or maybe even better, the ground you stand on. It is indeed very important, but without the right awareness of it it becomes useless. What happens when you forget that you have clothes on? Or that you are supposed to have clothes on? What would we say of someone who believes that clothes are their skin?

Crazy. Capgras syndrome arises from this trend in the brain. You can come to disbelieve in your personal connection to anything. You can even come to believe that you are dead, that you aren’t even present. What do you think of this?

How does it happen? Your brain creates the sense of the real, which is nothing more than a feeling for the visceral, from your emotional centre, your amygdala. When the right pathways in the brain are compromised, your brain stops giving you that sense of meaning. Sensation stops having any sense of substance or vividness. It loses the stimulating quality of even a television program. This person has lost no ability to think, to reason. They have lost none of their memory or skills. They are still sane. Their brain just tells them they are dead, and left to mainstream guidance, they either accidentally recover and only a little bit, or they never recover at all. We are not that different from these people are we?

Is depression ‘information abuse’ like a drug? Yes. They have even performed FMRI studies on people suffering from depression. They tend to be more accurate and factually oriented than non depressed persons, and they also tend to be less capable of self control, self regulation. They are more easily moved to anger or despair than a non depressed person. This is a big part of why people can’t seem to be talked out of depression. It isn’t an error of judgment, not a factual oversight, and no facts will recenter the person. Is this relatable?

There is something that will, and this same thing will equip people to navigate turbulent points in their lives as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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