'Depression' Chapter

Rough Day

Our minds break because our thinking requires concepts that we get really emotionally invested in. We come to see our lives as defined by certain emotions and beliefs, and when these are challenged, it causes us a lot of stress. Mostly, we get in trouble with depression, because of our beliefs surrounding the state of being. Our value judgements, or the idea we have or were taught regarding how to deal with depression.

Depression is a clarity of awareness. It’s your body and mind telling you the game is over. It isn’t fun anymore. But it is not telling you that there will be no other games. It’s a chance to actually, deliberately, choose this time.

“If depression is creeping up and must be faced, learn something about the nature of the beast: You may escape without a mauling.” Dr. R. W. Shepherd

“Depression opens the door to beauty of some kind.” James Hillman

What Is Depression?

First and perhaps most important, let’s define depression. What is it? I get horribly depressed. I get a heavy feeling in my head. An imbalance that makes you feel unmotivated to do much of anything? How much of this is… Seek More

Needs Of The Mind

Depression is potentially inevitable. It’s so much a part of our potential that whole types of music and art are defined by it. Whenever you struggle to the point your strength fails you, you will go into at least a… Seek More

Controlled Depression

How can we be depressed on purpose? How would one live with a controlled depression? Is there really much difference between clinical depression and just feeling sad, or is it just a matter of severity? It’s actually a matter of… Seek More

Permission To Be

I’m reading a book called “Reality Is Broken” which is about games and how they are designed to put us into the zone and make us happy. Would game playing help with depression or would it just be avoidance? It… Seek More

Live It

You will always fail. The game will always be over. You will always lose. Bushido teaches that the secret to developing genuine virtue, genuine values and ethics and meaning, is to see yourself as already dead. Then look at the… Seek More

We Can Grow

To take depression somewhere useful… A plant grows from its roots. We grow from that lowest of our emotional points, but we can grow. If the forces we choose for ourselves are too harsh, we grow twisted, like a blighted… Seek More

Life is Flow

Life is flow, and as with all forms of flow you will encounter turbulence. Does it not seem strange that no matter how smart or skilled or self knowing you are, you just can’t avoid having a rough day periodically?… Seek More

Viewer in the Brain

Well, maybe I should jump ahead of the metaphysics lesson and speak of something relatable… Have you ever heard a new sob story? An entirely new form of trouble, some brand new sort of suffering. If so, what was the… Seek More

Your Mind Isn’t Brainless

Shall I go into the mind as it relates to life flow? Life energy is not the mind. It is stimuli and like the electromagnetic spectrum it ranges the entire bandwidth of potential existence. Your mind does occasionally have an… Seek More

Absent the Mind

What do you choose? And this question is for anyone, what do you choose? Do you choose what is on your mind as they commonly say? It’s hard to do so. Often I need to do things while they are… Seek More