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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Your Mind Isn’t Brainless in Depression

Rough Day

Shall I go into the mind as it relates to life flow?

Life energy is not the mind. It is stimuli and like the electromagnetic spectrum it ranges the entire bandwidth of potential existence. Your mind does occasionally have an impact on this system, the system of life energy that your brain is plugged into. The brain is not you, it’s an organ like your heart, a timekeeper. It preserves rhythms to present a steady flow of information, ideally, but like any mindless system, it can begin to deviate from it’s ideal balance. Yes, your brain is mindless, but your mind isn’t brainless.

The reason the world can appear to have order, the reason anything can seem intelligible at all, is not your brain. Your brain doesn’t do this, doesn’t create or control this. That order you perceive is the mind. There is even a scientist now, a hard core mainstream thinker, who says his conclusions lead him to embrace a view known as panpsychism. What this means is that the potential for consciousness is in all matter, no division, but that you have a true consciousness only when a system achieves a deep state of integration.

Where my view differs from his own is in the idea that integration is something you might maybe achieve. That it’s something we are sort of stumbling toward, and by integration he didn’t mean something airy and philosophical. He meant more systematic, something more akin to quantum computing.¬†You are conscious when everything can be compared to everything else in your memory. Ideally, this is his definition of consciousness.

How this relates to the question, as well as my statement that integration isn’t some possible state you might accidentally get to… Your brain is not integrated, your mind is. The two are enmeshed. Your mind works to constantly move your brain toward greater integration, greater self realization and self expression. But all society teaches us about is the brain, all our words and expressions, all our judgements and conclusions, are based not on an understanding of the mind, but of the brain, and there is not a single soul who (based on this belief in the solitary reality of the brain) will claim that the brain makes sense. Isn’t that strange?

Now you don’t use your mind volitionally. You don’t intentionally experience or engage your mind. You keep it strapped to the behaviours and disconnected pulls of the brain. You believe in the primacy of the brain and have not been taught to identify meaning outside of that context so you insist that the mind suffer the brain.

My boys brain syndrome has made me a brain materialist, I think. Does he have no moments of seeming lucidity? Points of clarity where it seems he has recognized something?

Just that language itself is affected so evidently by physical activity. The brain is a vicious thing, a cruel force of nature left unchecked. So does he ever behave in a way you feel you can understand? Do you ever behave in a way you feel you can understand? I sometimes do, but not always.

He gets understood in his way but much of his time does seem separate from a vast degree of common understanding. That common understanding is social understanding, and yes, he will struggle to get back on the brain carousel, but it isn’t impossible. It takes quiet moments which he may not have a lot of, but what about you. Do you have many quiet moments?

Not many, no. The mind seeks to reset the brain. Your bodies baseline, your whole biological degree of integrity, is created and preserved not by biology, but by the mind.

I gave a meditation workshop once and remember one man marvelling at how that was the only time in the day or night that his brain was quiet.

Maybe I overload with iPod. Anxiety makes us hunters, I guess. My iPod is always filled with talk shows about all manner of subjects.

I think it’s too easy to get distracted with all the various media.

Anxiety in the modern sense just makes us sick. The predecessor of these emotions, well, we have become aliens to our own instincts.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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