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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Viewer in the Brain in Depression

Rough Day

Well, maybe I should jump ahead of the metaphysics lesson and speak of something relatable…

Have you ever heard a new sob story? An entirely new form of trouble, some brand new sort of suffering. If so, what was the new suffering? It might provide valuable insight.

No. They all tend to be the same like country songs.

My old Second Life viewer has had me in the same nightmare yellow suit for a year in everyone else’s viewer no matter what I changed into in my viewer. I know it’s not quite sobbing material but I really couldn’t find an equivalent for the emotional reaction of realizing this. It’s like being a drunk and having flashbacks is the closest I could find. Hmm, well, there are troubles that are novel to our personal experience, but that is the equivalent to a self image issue which is just something that people don’t normally consciously tackle. They sort of mentally skirt around them when their self image changes. They don’t even recall usually what the previous image was, but there is a reason tales of suffering are not novel. What governs suffering is not unique to the individual.

Yes, this virtual environment gives a fresh face to some very deep and almost mysterious aspects of human experience. We don’t normally tackle these forms of information quite so literally though neurologically ever person does have their own “Viewer” in their brain. So no matter how tastefully dressed, there will always be someone who honestly perceives it as tacky.

Do these viewers in the brain get outmoded, too? They do. The brain does update itself. It can do so freely, or at least has the potential to do so. Normally, we experience the urge to update our perception as a strange sense of internal pressure, almost like an anxiety but not as disruptive. This sense often serves as a prelude to a moment of realization, a sudden shift where your brain draws anything from a subtle to a dramatic new connection between things you thought you knew, that instead reveals an entirely different truth like an old viewer balking at new only partially identified code.

I get the impression that heavy dream experiences are reactions to such changes. Oh, you are quite right. The baseline flow I spoke of has only one rule, and the rule even shows up in the observations of physicists. It self corrects. Reality is constantly self correcting. It’s reference value is +life. Anything that serves to support life functions, and I do mean anything, is preserved. It’s a hairline range that is easily crossed. Taoists express it in this way… Anything that goes against the Tao cannot endure. Nothing can exist by itself. Nothing is self existent or self supported.

Now your personal flow is meant to contribute to the baseline information flow. Consider it like a broadband fiberoptic connection. Your part of that total transmission matters very much. How does the baseline know whether to edit your input you might ask? Does it feel maybe like you get edited?

Sometimes. The baseline information does not edit anything, it only reconciles noise. It does this by additional reference points, by checking your input against others, and it doesn’t consciously do this. It has no independent consciousness. It is the foundation or substrate of all consciousness. The referencing is done by you and by every conscious being around you.

I think my subconscious wants to know if my sub-subconscious is aware of this process of which you speak? I would really love a cure/behavioural change to escape my depressions. Excellent. Your subconscious does know.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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